Dr. John Perkins addresses hundreds at CPA Perspectives

Dr. John Perkins spoke at Friday night's Perspectives: A Community Gathering for the City to an audience of over 700 people from the CPA and Nashville community. 
As the final event in the series, the night featured a Q&A with Dr. Perkins on his life's work: gospel-centered, Church-led, Biblical reconciliation in our culture. Tennessean religion reporter Holly Meyer visited the Academy earlier on Friday to interview Dr. Perkins on his life and message. Read below: 

"John M. Perkins, a leading evangelical voice on racial reconciliation, thinks that 50 years after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., the church is not focusing enough on unity. 

'It scares me. We're not talking about togetherness,' Perkins said. 'That doesn't improve the issue.'

Perkins, a minister who fought for civil rights in Mississippi, is hopeful for the future. But he believes that for reconciliation to happen, people must first affirm the dignity of all human beings and then move forward together." Read more...

Christ Presbyterian Academy

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