Christ Presbyterian Academy

The CPA Fund

Beyond the Budget

CPA employs strategic financial planning to ensure tuition and fees cover yearly operating expenses. Many private institutions depend on annual gifts to make up for the shortfall between tuition and costs. CPA’s financial stewardship is an exceptional model among most independent schools.

What about “the extras?”

The CPA Fund provides readily accessible funds for emerging projects throughout the school year, with immediate benefits for the learning experience. Your annual contributions to the CPA Fund expands our margin for educational excellence above and beyond the budget.

This year's projects include...

-Civitas Hall locker room renovation / expansion 
-Weight room upgrades
-Campus security enhancements
-Veritas Hall library improvements
-LS Playscape upgrades

Download the 2022-23 CPA Fund brochure to learn more about investing in academics, arts, athletics, financial assistance, and the areas of greatest need at the Academy. 

Christ Presbyterian Academy is a 501 (c)(3), and contributions to the Academy are tax deductible upon compliance with the Internal Revenue Code.