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Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said, "Here am I. Send me!” - Isaiah 6:8

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CPA is excited to announce the launch of Transforming StoriesThe Campaign for Christ Presbyterian AcademyThis campaign is unique in that CPA is on the eve of the largest and most forward-looking project in the history of our school.

After exceptional programmatic growth over the last five years, the Academy finds itself at a crossroads. The new spaces provided by this campaign will facilitate the transformative process we’ve envisioned since the school opened in 1985 by increasing opportunities for biblical community, hospitable access, and impact for God’s kingdom.

Thanks to the incredible generosity of invested families from the CPA community, the campaign has already reached $14 million dollars of the $18 million dollar goal! What began as a vision is a reality, with plans to break ground this spring and complete construction by the beginning of the 2020-21 school year. 

New! The Alumni Walkway will be installed next to the central Quad to honor the Lions who have paved the way for others.  Bricks featuring the name and class year of CPA alumni will line the walkway. Proceeds will benefit the Transforming Stories campaign. To find out more about this project, click here.

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Follow the Build: Spring 2020

New Front Face

Through the development of an in-depth campus-wide master plan, the building is recognized as the new “front door” for the CPA campus. The approach and siting of the building give clear  orientation to the academic campus, now more visible from Old Hickory Boulevard. Approaching the building on foot, the layering of hardscape and landscape serve to buffer the Arts building from automobile traffic and reorients visitors to a now pedestrian-centric campus. Expanding the entry sequence to the Arts building, celebrates the school’s idyllic pastoral setting and fosters a sense of awe for God’s creation.

Center for the Arts

The interior of 550 seat theater creates a sense of intimacy for patrons. The lighter wood tones of the lobby give way to a warmer hue, which reinforces the sense of enclosure within the large space. Gentle curves of the balcony fronts and boxes tie to the curves found in the lobby, and serve to give the space a sense of drama, referential to classic Broadway theater houses. Centering the space, the ornate Proscenium Arch stands in contrast to the clean lines found elsewhere within the theater. Here, this design element subtly references CPA iconography, central to the school’s storytelling, while framing the action found onstage.

Central Quad

The Arts building forms the fourth side of a central outdoor quad, a transformative centerpiece for the campus. The quad will not only serve as the pedestrian connector between the Lower, Middle and Upper Schools, but also as a place to congregate throughout the year. A central lawn will play host to both formal and informal gatherings and is flanked on one side by an elevated stage. Along the perimeter, added trees soften the edges of the quad, and create more intimate transitional moments amongst the buildings.  

Lobby Interior

The prominent lobby blurs the line between indoors and out. It invites curiosity and wonder through both the grand scale of the space as well as the restraint found in its simple, sculptural gestures. Gentle curves found on the interior of the lobby are echoed within the Theater Auditorium. They represent the creative expression fostered within the building, and serve as a counterpoint to the orthogonal brick massing found throughout the campus architecture. The use of natural light within the lobby is central to its design and is manifest in two ways – through the direct visual connection to the outdoors through the expansive glass entrance faćade, to the skylight above the central Feature Wall, which reinforces a visitor’s connection heavenward. At night, the lobby is transformed into a glowing lantern, further reinforcing the Salt and Light ethos of the academy.

Progress update

Construction is underway on the campus transformation. We are currently ahead of schedule for building projects, and we are excited to watch the vision unfold with the beginning of the new year. We understand that a project of this scale can often create inconveniences...bear with us as we wait for our beautiful, new improvements. 

Check out the construction live stream to keep track of the progress. 

Construction Live Stream

Increased Security

The central quad will transition parking to the perimeter of campus, creating a more secure, communal space for students and families.

Optimized for hospitality

A new front face of campus and lobby will welcome newcomers with a clear and bright entrance.

Enhanced programming

A state-of-the art performance and gathering space will increase programming and allow for members of the community to experience a welcoming campus.