Christ Presbyterian Academy

So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.
2 corinthians 4:18

We are people coming together, unified, offering ourselves, our talents, and our resources for a common purpose–the transformation of the next generation. At CPA, our call is to impact lives with the gospel of Jesus and to use every interaction to help students see their indentity in Christ. 

It is time to invest in CPA Athletics.

Through Unseen Stories: A Campaign for Christ Presbyterian Academy , CPA will equip the Academy's athletic program with a new Athletics and Wellness Center, providing new opportunities for faculty and staff to help students know God and grow in His plan for today, tomorrow, and long after graduation. 

This next step expands health and wellness, practice and play, camaraderie and team for all CPA students. This mission-dedicated space will be where coaches and teacher do what they do best–be fully present in the unseen moments of a student's growth, leadership, challenge, and victory. 

Why now? 

The Gym

More capacity. More community. 

3 gyms / 5 courts, more team practices during reasonable hours, space for community events, youth leagues, conferences, camps, enhanced security 

Locker Rooms

Safe places to grow

6 female locker rooms / 7 male locker rooms / 4 dedicated MS locker rooms, more equitable space for female athletes 

Fitness & Training

Expanded, Equitable Facilities 

6,300-square-foot weight training room for male and female athletes, 650-square-foot cardio suite and group fitness space 

Sports Medicine

On-Campus PT

1,600-square-foot training, injury prevention, and PT space, all on-campus PT

Growing Our Campus

Athletics & Wellness Center Main Entrance

The Gym

Athletics & Wellness Center South Facing Side

Avery's Story

Those are real tears running down my face in a moment of great joy. Having had ACL surgery, I was not cleared for contact play, which meant I had not stepped foot on the field the entire season. It is the State Quarterfinals against the reigning champion. If we win, we move on to the State Semis. If we lose, we are done. At the end of regulation, we are tied 1-1, resulting in the game being decided by penalty kicks. Because it is a non-contact endeavor, Coach Gerlach has me in the lineup, and my kick determines the game. As every "happily ever after" story goes, I make it. 

But my one moment on the field would have meant nothing without a coach who told me I was ready, teammates who encouraged me, and family who surrounded me with love and support. The moment may have been mine, but he sweet victory was ours for the history books. 

–Avery Parker '23, CPA Soccer

Chip's Story

"This picture captures an emotional moment for me. I was heart-broken. Following our loss in the State Championship, the last thing I wanted to do was speak to the media. I was called to represent myself, my team, and CPA. In this moment, I was given the encouragement, strength, and support I needed to face it. It was a very hard moment through which I was able to grow, mature, and can now look back on and appreciate."

–Chip Omer '16, University of Tennessee football 

Carris' Story

"I was a mixed-bag of emotions heading into my senior season of volleyball at CPA. After being dropped from the university I was committed to because of a serious injury, I had a choice to lose myself to frustration or find a new way to lead. We were a young team – only three seniors – with a completely new coaching staff, and I saw a different way to contribute. I leaned into my role as captain, sharing my experience and perspective with my team.

When sadness and impatience to play crept in, my coaches supported me. This season of waiting and supporting from the sidelines made my first game back on the CPA court much sweeter, and my time away made me appreciate every point I got to play that much more. It might have been the most difficult seasons of volleyball I played in high school, but it’s also one of my fondest memories of my time at CPA."

—Carris Campbell ’15, Furman University volleyball

Ryan's Story

As a member of the CPA Varsity Basketball team, I have many responsibilities ranging from scoring, to rebounding, and blocking. These all require a great deal of effort, skill, and conditioning. Without the countless off-season and in-season hours spent in the weight room and on the track, this would not be possible. It's the work I put in off the court that gives me the confidence and strength to know I can bring my best to the team come game time. 

–Ryan Vollero '23, CPA Basketball 

Coach Martin's Story

"We want to use every opportunity we have to teach boys and girls about Jesus. We've seen so much transformation in lives through the years because of our coaches' and instructors' commitment to the mission and to building character. Additional facilities will create more opportunities for more students and help them understand the importance of life-long health and wellness." 

–Ingle Martin, CPA Athletic Director / Head Varsity Football Coach 

The Orr's Story

"We have been part of the CPA community since 1996. We were originally drawn to CPA by its mission – helping its students come to know God and be transformed by His truth for His glory – and throughout our time at CPA, its mission has never changed. All four of our children attended CPA from kindergarten through twelfth grade where they made lifelong friends, were mentored by Godly men and women, received the knowledge and training they needed to succeed in this world, and heard the Gospel and saw it lived out daily in the lives of their teachers, coaches, and administrators.

It has been wonderful seeing the impact that CPA has had on the lives of our children, and we are now blessed to have grandchildren at CPA. It has also been wonderful seeing the campus change over the past 25 years–and throughout this time, CPA has stayed true to its mission. For that we are very, very grateful."

—Jeff and Lori Orr, CPA parents and grandparents since 1996

Coach Legate's Story

“We prepare, plan, and play to WIN! Yet the overarching purpose of our program is to love God, love our teammates, and love others. The locker room and the basketball court at CPA are mission-dedicated spaces with a life-giving atmosphere of trusted fellowship, authenticity, and discipleship where young men and women, prayerfully, learn to influence their world for Christ.”

– Becky LeGate, CPA Head Varsity Girls Basketball Coach