Christ Presbyterian Academy

The Center for Visual Media + Publication

About VM+P
The Center for Visual Media + Publication equips students with the skills to communicate both verbally and visually through a project-based learning environment within such disciplines as journalism, graphic design, news broadcasting, computer science, and photography. Whether the platform is digital or print, understanding how to communicate well is essential to living in a global society. Endorsements include Journalism, Photography, Graphic Design, Visual Art, Film and Media, and Sports Broadcasting.

Graduate with a VM+P Endorsement
Four TICE courses and an internship are required to graduate with an endorsement from the Center for Visual Media + Publication.

Explore Different Career Paths with VM+P
Architecture, Interior Designer, Special Effects Consultant, Jewelry Designer, Cinematographer, Museum Director, Furniture Designer, Sketch Artist, Landscape Designer, Multimedia Consultant, Urban Design, Journalist, Newspaper, Writer, Video Editor, Page Designer, Broadcast News, Film Maker, Photographer, Graphic Artist, Videographer, Video Editor, Social Media Marketing, Production Assistant, Radio Broadcast Engineer, Digital Audio Editor, Copy Editor

VM + P Curriculum

Components of TICE