Christ Presbyterian Academy

The Center for Law and Advocacy

About L+A
The Center for Law + Advocacy educates students on what it means to love mercy, act justly, and walk humbly with God. Students will study how justice and mercy are characteristics God exhibited throughout the Bible, and they will learn through pathways, such as law, policy, and social impact, how, as Christians, we are called to follow His example. Opportunities for students to exemplify the love of Christ through justice and mercy in real world situations will be presented and processed throughout all aspects of this Center. Endorsements include Law, Policy, and Social Impact .

Graduate with a L+A Endorsement
Four TICE courses and an internship is required to graduate with an endorsement from the Center for Law + Advocacy.

Explore Different Career Paths with L+A 
Government, Elected Official, City/County Planner, Research/Policy Planner, Research/Policy Analyst, Lobbyist, Administrator, Judge, Detective, Psychologist, Trial Lawyer, Tax Attorney, Real Estate Attorney, Litigation Support Director, Judge Advocate for Military, CIA, FBI, Judicial Clerk, Labor/Employer Lawyer, Police Officer, State Trooper, Media and Entertainment Lawyer, Political/Policy Lawyer, Chief Operating Officer, Advocacy Director, Communication Director, Program Director, Major Gifts Officer, Chief Executive Officer, Public Policy, Program Manager, Non-Profit Management, Psychologist, Counselor, Social Worker, Rehabilitation Specialist

L+A Curriculum

Components of TICE