Christ Presbyterian Academy

The Center for Business and Entrepreneurship

About B+E
The Center for Business and Entrepreneurship trains students to embody the gospel of Jesus Christ in work by loving God and neighbor. Through business courses and entrepreneurial experiences, we will develop ethical leaders across a variety of business disciplines. Students will be prepared to integrate their faith and work in ways that advance His kingdom and benefit the broader community.

Graduate with a B+E Endorsement
Four TICE courses and an internship is required to graduate with an endorsement from the Center for Business + Entrepreneurship.

Explore Different Career Paths with B+E 
Accountant, Auditor, Financial Advisor, Financial Manager, Treasurer, Banker, Budget Analyst, Advertising Manager, Sales Director, Market Research Development, Small Business Owner, Statistician, Medical & Health Service Management, Operations Research Management, Business Operations Manager, Actuary, Management Analyst, Loan Officer, Compliance Officer, Logistician, Construction Manager, Public Relations Manager, Appraiser, Systems Analyst, Record Producer, Audio Technician, Recording Studio Manager, Sound Designer, Instrumental Technician, Sound Mixer, Talent Manager, Music Producer, Recording Engineer, Tour Manager, Booking Agent 

B+E Curriculum

Components of TICE