CPA's Upper School Student Services encompasses many programs and services that support our academic curriculum. It includes college, spiritual, and personal counseling, as well as student activities and enrichment opportunities listed here. 


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  • Advisory

    Additional upper school support services and programs include an Advisory Program that aims to cultivate relationships between teachers and students, while providing students with proper guidance and accountability to facilitate social, emotional and academic development.
  • College Counseling

    The College Counseling process at CPA is designed to assist students and parents in formulating an appropriate, highly individualized, and successful post-secondary plan. The program’s philosophy is based upon the biblical paradigm of giftedness. The uniqueness of the individual is upheld as well as the belief that all students, regardless of ability or performance, have both a calling and specific gifts. It is the ultimate goal of CPA’s program that each young man and young woman be able to determine what these gifts are and to understand his or her vocational calling in light of these gifts.
  • Counseling

    The Counseling program at CPA is geared toward helping students and parents deal with day-to-day life and addressing relational issues.
  • Freshman Study Skills

    Freshman Study Skills is a new program in place to better equip our freshmen with classroom, college-bound and life skills that will enable them to quickly adjust to the rigors of our high school curriculum. This program includes organizational and time-management skills; proper note-taking, test-taking and study skills; goal setting; decision-making and proper exam- and college-preparation.
  • In Period and Mandatorials

    In Period and Mandatorials are pograms for students who need additional time and help with their studies.
  • Student Activities

    Student Activities provide opportunities for students to cultivate the gifts that God has given them. There are service opportunities each semester in which every upper school student and teacher goes into the community to serve with mission organizations. There is an extensive Activity Program that facilitates intentional relationship building between our faculty and students through engaging in activities of common interests.  Other sponsored student activities include athletics, fine arts and social events.

  • Student Support Team

    The Student Support Team is a group of teachers, administrators and counselors who meet weekly to pray for students and establish individualized plans to ensure that all students have an opportunity for success.

Director of Student Services

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