New Parenting Series: Empowered Parenting

    • Please join Associate Head of School-Education Dr. Marcia Sutton once a month for teaching. Together, parents will learn principles of empowerment, connection, and correction and how to apply them in everyday life.

Spiritual Formation at CPA

Christ Presbyterian Academy offers excellent academic curriculum and intentional programs to assist Christian families in helping students come to know God, evaluate all knowledge and all life by His truth, and live transformed by His glory.

Faculty and staff share a core dedication in creating an atmosphere of pursuant love, authentic relationship, and reciprocal trust. The foundation of this atmosphere starts with strong comprehensive offerings and a rigorous Bible-based academic curriculum. Integrated in all areas of the Academy, this curriculum is supported by PS-12 Bible classes, weekly Chapel, middle school and upper school advisory groups, and co-curricular offerings infused with spiritual application such as arts, athletics, service, enrichments, clubs, travel studies, summer camps, and broader community activities in the city of Nashville.

Growing in Faith

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  • Chapel

    The Academy devotes time in the weekly schedule for students K-12 to gather for spiritual life application teaching in Chapel. Each school year also includes several all-school Chapel programs for occasions such as the first week of school, Christmas, and Easter. Chapel gives students and faculty the opportunity to be focused, reflective, and expectant before God, and hear from others who share experiences of deepening faith. Schools follow a Chapel theme throughout the year featuring various developmentally appropriate speakers and relevant lessons.
  • Bible Curriculum

    CPA believes the Bible is the inspired Word of God, and that the Bible is without error in its original manuscripts, containing everything we need to know about relationship with God and people. PS-12 Bible curriculum includes age-appropriate scripture study to better understand the text and how it applies to their lives. It is CPA’s goal that every graduate would have a firm grasp of the orthodox teachings of the Scriptures and be confident in defending one’s own faith and Christian worldview. Classes are interactive in nature as students are encouraged to engage God’s living and active Word, which is the basis for all our essential beliefs.
  • Advisories

    The middle school and upper school utilize small groups called advisories. Advisories allow every student to be known and mentored by an adult in a small-group atmosphere. Advisory groups meet on a regular basis throughout the year to discuss Chapel presentations or relevant topics for adolescents and young adults in 21st century culture. Students often form some of their closest peer and faculty relationships in advisory. In upper school, students keep the same advisory group and teacher all four years.
  • Parent Education

    Please join Associate Head of School-Education Dr. Marcia Sutton once a month for teaching and conversations based on the research of Dr. Karyn Purvis and Dr. David Cross, founders of the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development at Texas Christian University (TCU) TBRI®.

    Together, parents will learn principles of empowerment, connection, and correction and how to apply them in everyday life circumstances in order to build stronger relationships. 
    Whether you are an adoptive parent, have a child who has gone through hardship or trauma, or a parent who desires encouragement and community in your parenting journey, make plans to attend! 
    Parents may attend any or all sessions, as schedules permit. No registration needed. Dr. Sutton will be joined by Assistant Head of LS Ann Pack, Associate Head of LS Chris Harris, and Assistant Head of US Katherine Cain. All these faculty members have been certified in TCU’s Trust Based Relational Interventionprogram. 

    Dates - Wednesdays:
    November 7, Chapel (LS)
    December 5, Window Room (Church building)
    January 9, Chapel (LS)
    February 6, Chapel (LS)
    March 6, Chapel (LS)
    April 3, Chapel (LS)
    May 1, Chapel (LS)
    Time: 8 - 9:30 a.m. (7:45 a.m. coffee)

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