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The CPA athlete seeks to compete fiercely and lead humbly, serving team above self, using God-given talents to the fullest. The CPA athlete wins with pride and loses with grace, honoring opponents in sportsmanship and competition and honoring God in the highest efforts and feats of strength. The CPA athlete is pushed to a level of personal best and given a safe embrace for failure. The CPA athlete is valued not for accomplishments but heart. Winning is not the goal of the CPA athlete, but a bi-product of work ethic, service to team, respect for coaches, stewardship of God-given ability, and prolific dedication to sport. 

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To Be A Lion

Purpose of Athletics

The athletics program at Christ Presbyterian Academy is one that teaches self-sacrifice, self-discipline, and personal commitment to attain the goal of excellence. The primary goal is to develop characteristics in students that will enable them to overcome the challenges they will face throughout their lives.

Role of Athletics

CPA recognizes that athletics can play an important role, if properly handled, in the overall development of school spirit as well as the development of the athletic skills of individual participants. The athletic program will promote standards consistent with the philosophy of the school, acting as a supplement to the overall emphasis placed upon spiritual and academic development during daily school activities for those individuals who participate in athletics.

Philosophy of Competition

We desire that each participant learn to win with humility, lose with grace, and always strive to utilize God-given skills and abilities to the fullest. Our philosophy of competition is designed to promote the development of the individual with regards to discipline; a willingness to sacrifice personal desires for the overall benefit of the team; and to pursue the highest degree of excellence possible— qualities which will benefit the individual in his/her Christian walk well beyond their lower-, middle-, and upper-school years.

Opportunity to Compete

Athletic competition, in a properly structured atmosphere, is an important developmental opportunity for our student participants. CPA's participation in team-oriented sports presents an opportunity for individuals with specific athletic skills to be involved in competition against other schools. While the emphasis of the program should never be to “win at all costs,” pursuit of victory through physical and mental preparation within a team atmosphere is deemed to be a worthy standard.

The program is designed to promote the development of individual students with regard to discipline, willingness to sacrifice personal desires for the overall benefit of the team, and the pursuit of the highest degree of excellence possible—qualities which will benefit students in their Christian walk and vocation well beyond school years.

The Lion is the school mascot. The Lion represents Christ, the Lion of Judah, who is the centerpiece of all life and love. CPA athletics conducts 19 varsity teams (boys and girls), 10 junior varsity teams (boys and girls), and 23 middle school teams (boys and girls). CPA is a member of the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association (grades 9-12) and the Harpeth Valley Athletic Conference (grades 6-8). 

Mike Ellson

Mike Ellson

Athletic Director
Kevin LeGate

Kevin LeGate

Assistant Athletic Director
Matt Cox

Matt Cox

Athletics Coordinator
Jennifer Martin

Jennifer Martin

Athletics Coordinator

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