Christ Presbyterian Academy

InSideOut Coaching

For athletics to provide students with spiritual growth and moral development, coaches must move beyond defining success by the scoreboard, and create space for sports to be centered on a higher purpose. CPA is an educational partner in the InSide Out Initiative, nationally recognized and developed by thought leaders, Joe Ehrmann and Jody Redman

The InSideOut Initiative provides a blueprint for systemic change that elevates the purpose of athletic participation and holds school communities accountable utilizing the InSideOut System and the InSideOut Philosophy.  Through well-defined pathways, supportive leadership and intentional coaching, students will develop much more than the physical skills of a game. They will develop the capacity to lead productive, morally rich, empathetic lives that will result in the betterment of society.

Director of Transformational Coaching Ingle Martin

"Over-organized and adult driven youth sports have created an unsustainable frenzy that no longer serves youth and leaves parents afraid that if they don’t comply with the ‘more is better’ cultural pressure their child will be left behind.  This tension has resulted in an unhealthy and pressure-filled experience for millions of students one that does little to develop their human potential." -InSide Out Initiative 

CPA Director of Transformational Coaching Ingle Martin will spearhead the growth of the InSide Out coaching philosophy at CPA athletics. Martin will direct all middle and upper school coaches in mission, vision, spiritual growth, team culture, professional development, staffing, and parent engagement.