Christ Presbyterian Academy

Media Arts

Culture Shapers

The Media Arts at CPA is an Emmy-award winning program featuring a student-run newsroom, professional studio facility, instruction on broadcasting, equipment and technology, and film history, analysis, and production.

From the introduction of media arts freshman year to advanced classes in the upper grades, students are not only given the tools to produce media, but are also equipped with a Christian worldview with which they synthesize constant flow of 21st century media. 

Program Highlights

Travel Study

CPA media arts features an annual travel study to Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles travel study includes tours of Warner Brothers Studios, Hollywood, and Universal Studios and Park. Other highlights include the Dodge College of Film & Media at Chapman University and the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, time on the Santa Monica Pier, and encounters with guest speakers.

Media Arts Film Night

Media Arts Film Night is an annual showcase of the media arts film production unit. Students attend a viewing of featured projects. Producers present their work, giving the audience a framework for experiencing their film. 

Learning to appreciate the art of film, students are given a foundation for film theory from Hitchcock to Wells and Nolan.

CPA News Broadcast

A time-honored tradition at CPA Upper School, the news is a core element of student life at the Academy. Completely student-produced, the bimonthly broadcast mimics local news with coverage of school events, beats, and special segments. From camera crew to studio production and editing, students honor a strict season schedule and often gather content on location. 

This broadcast allows students practice applying concepts they've learned throughout the curriculum. Integrated in all areas of school life, the news is an exciting reflection of PS-12 life at CPA. 

100 Hour Film Contest

An annual event at the start of school, the 100 Hour Film Contest features student-produced films adjudicated by a panel of faculty and staff with the winning entry shown at Coffeehouse Theatre.

2018-19 Awards and Accolades 

  • 3 best-in-class awards, 3 second place awards, and 2 third place awards from the Tennessee High School Press Association 
  • 9 nominations and 1 Emmy award from the Midsouth Student Production Awards