Christ Presbyterian Academy


The Power of Movement

Dance, the first art form historically associated with worship, is a powerful art form socially and artistically in our culture. That's why CPA Dance calls out students’ gifts, and instructors offer deeper, richer, and broader educational and performance opportunities integrated with a Christian worldview. 

Starting in preschool, students encounter dance through arts integration in the classroom and a special "Preschool Art Week" where students travel to the upper school dance classes to participate! 

Beginning in third grade, students have the intra-curricular opportunity to pursue growth in dance skill and performance through the lower, middle, and upper school Dance Companies. Students benefit from three professionally equipped dance studios on campus and four formally trained dance instructors spanning the campus. In addition to Dance Companies, upper school offers two dance classes: Ballet and Intro to Dance, (which may count as Arts or P.E. credit) focusing on technique, fundamentals, and cultural context.

Dance Companies: Grades 5-12