Arts Curriculum

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  • Dance

    Middle school students explore the genres and history of dance within the context of performing arts classes and the annual middle school musical. Upper school students have the opportunity to take classes in ballet and ballroom dance.
  • Media Arts

    Eighth graders begin curricular study of the influence of media through the Art of Film class. Upper school students are offered four levels of media arts classes covering storyboarding, screenwriting, directing, engineering and through such diverse projects as promotional pieces, documentaries, film shorts and the CPA News. Check out Media Arts students' work capturing the total solar eclipse.
  • Music

    From preschool through fourth grade, students engage in vertically aligned classes in general music, covering theory, notation music history, and vocal work. In middle school students study a variety of musical genres within the context of all the performing arts.  Seventh and eighth graders may audition for Concert Choir, or middle schoolers with an instrumental interest may join the Band. In the upper school, courses are offered in Band and Music Appreciation, along with two auditioned vocal ensembles Common Ground and Vision.
  • Theatre

    Theatrical activities such as movment and storytelling abound as teaching tools throughout pre-school and lower school. Students in the sixth grade begin formalized study within the Performing Arts class and move on in the seventh grade to a focused study of theatre arts through improvisation, monologues, scene work and historicity.  Upper school students begin in the introductory survey class with improvisation, technical theatre, design, and acting projects. Following, they have the opportunity to audition for performance classes in children’s theaatre, blackbox theatre, or mainstage production. Alternate years provide an elective in stage combat with attention to history, culture, choreography and Shakespearean scenes.
  • Visual Arts

    Students engage in various forms of visual arts from preschool to upper school. Through pencil drawing, paint, collage, and clay, both preschool and lower school students discovery the delight of creativity in daily life. Middle schoolers add to their exploration sculpture, beadwork, and illustration as they move deeper into art history. Upper school students have a four level range from foundational elements through AP study, perfecting their skills while developing personal style, and the artistic habits of mind.

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