Christ Presbyterian Academy

Creativity for Life

“But unless we are creators we are not fully alive. What do I mean by creators? Not only artists, whose acts of creation are the obvious ones of working with paint or clay or words. Creativity is a way of living life…”Madeleine L’Engle

Equipping students to be salt and light in today’s culture through the arts

The arts at CPA are viewed as an integral facet of a sound education. The arts department seeks to provide for all students a body of significant meaningful experiences to explore the arts in transformative ways. This goal allows students to engage in their unique gifts and engage in the enrichment the arts bring to life.  

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Arts at a Glance


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Inherently Creative

The first thing known about God is He is creative: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1) CPA Arts is rooted in that tenet; that made in His image, every student is inherently creative. CPA’s arts combines an extensive curriculum with vibrant, hands-on work in productions, events, honor societies, and extracurriculars. The program provides students opportunities to serve and lead, and facilitates an environment for students to connect and be known. Instructors provide opportunities for self discovery, honing of talents, and application for life-long creativity. 

Life Skills through the Arts

Learning experiences in the arts contribute to the larger scope of learning in all academic disciplines. Research has confirmed the correlation between increased years of study in the arts and achievement on standardized tests. The arts also enhances student development in social, emotional, and spiritual contexts. Heightened confidence, alacrity in problem solving, healthy focus, non-verbal communication, accountability, and the ability to receive constructive feedback; these are all skills sharpened through CPA's rigorous arts education. 

Salt & Light

The arts touch everything in our culture today and exert a powerful influence over society. CPA Arts seeks to prepare students to understand the powerful messages circulating in the world, so that in future years as creators, consumers, supporters, they will be salt and light in the culture, preserving it, giving it flavor, illuminating the way. Accomplishments of CPA alumni, beyond university and conservatory successes, include national and international theatre and music performances and tours, recording session work, movies, television appearances, Broadway shows, Emmy and Dove Awards, and more.

Alumni Spotlight: Peter Ferrell, Senior Defense Counsel, U.S. Air Force

Peter on Music and Theatre at CPA

“As one of several lead defense attorneys for the Air Force’s most serious cases, I have had success in these cases due, in no small part, to something I learned in high school theatre – how to tell people a better story. One of my greatest trial advantages is my early experiences in theatre, because in theatre, I learned how to tell a story. Theatre taught me things like how to place the characters (both physically and emotionally) for maximum impact. Theatre taught me how to use my body and my voice to influence the audience in specific ways. Theater taught me dozens of other, smaller, intangible things that go into putting on a better show.”

Alumni Spotlight: Anna Davis, Volunteer at Thrive Lonsdale, Knoxville, TN

Anna on Visual Art and Technical Theatre at CPA

“I believe that God was at work in me in CPA in fine arts, nurturing me through the gift of self-expression so that I could use self-expression to benefit needs in my (Knoxville) community.” 

Alumni Spotlight: Holly Hill, Filmmaker, Actress, Atlanta, GA

Holly on Music and Theatre at CPA

“Let the records show that I would not be a good person if it were not for CPA and the CPA arts faculty and community.

During my time at CPA I received copious amounts of support, wisdom, and constructive feedback, not just on the art I was producing, but about who I was when I was in my process. Was I performing for the glory of others or the glory of my Heavenly Father? One of the most important things that was reiterated to me was that the talents I had were not mine but God's.”

Alumni Spotlight: Ellie Holcomb, Singer-Songwriter, Recording Artist, Nashville

Ellie on Music, Theatre, and Dance at CPA

“I never thought I’d be a musician. I sang the first song I wrote during Brown Bag Theatre. Writing songs from the depths of your soul and playing them for the world takes courage. CPA was like family to me, so I wasn’t afraid."