Tuition and Financial Assistance

Thank you for your interest in Christ Presbyterian Academy! We are grateful you are thinking of CPA when investigating your school options and hope our website will provide you with pertinent information to assist you with your search for the best school for your child. This page offers tuition and financial assistance information. Please feel free to contact us with questions at any time at

Tuition obligations are due before the start of school each year, or CPA offers options through Smart Tuition for those who wish to pay tuition in installments. An administration fee will be applied to cover the cost to the Academy for this highly beneficial installment-payment plan.
All 2018-19 payment plans are to be paid in full by May 20, 2019.

Preschool Tuition Rates for 2019-20

Preschool Rates for 2019-20

Annual Tuition
Two Days
Three Days
Five Days
PS 2, PS 3, PS 4
Pre-K 5

K-12 Tuition Rates for 2019-20

Tuition Rates for 2019-20
Lower School (K-5):
Middle School (6-8):  $19,175
Upper School (9-12): $19,740

Tuition Policies and Information

List of 5 items.

  • Academic Fees and Expenses

    The following information is provided to assist families in estimating the expenses they might incur in addition to the published tuition. Please email for more specific information.
    • Field trip fee: Grades 5-12 are assessed a fee specific to the overnight field trips taken during that year
    • AP course test fees: specific to scheduled upper school classes and billed after the start of school
    • Tuition Refund Program (TRP): Required for first-year students; optional for returning students
    • Payment Plan: Families electing a payment plan will be assessed an administrative fee
    • Optional DEWAR Student Accident Plan
  • Tuition Payment Options

    Christ Presbyterian Academy offers two tuition payment options to provide families with flexibility in managing their administrative activities and cash flow requirements.
    Tuition payments at Christ Presbyterian Academy include both a nonrefundable deposit and the remaining tuition balance. The nonrefundable $500 deposit is due upon enrollment each spring. The payment of this deposit is paid directly to Christ Presbyterian Academy. The balance of tuition and other school fees are due June 30 and paid to SMART Tuition. Upper school AP course test fees are billed after the start of school.
    SMART Tuition will bill the full tuition by invoice to be due by June 30. The invoiced amount will include a 1 percent discount of the published tuition rate. This discount is not applicable if receiving financial assistance.
    Full tuition payments may be made to SMART by bank account withdrawal or credit/debit card or to CPA by check. If payments are made directly to CPA with a credit/debit card, the full tuition discount is not applicable. Credit/debit card payments to SMART will have an additional processing fee assessed.

    On July 1, the 1 percent discount will be removed, and accounts with balances will automatically be placed on Plan B payment plan explained below.

    Christ Presbyterian Academy offers two payment alternatives through SMART Tuition:
    1. Plan A – Pay in Full by June 30 and receive a 1 percent discount. Discount not applicable if receiving financial assistance.

    2. Plan B - Ten Equal Monthly Payments on the 5th or 20th beginning in August. An administrative fee of 2 percent of tuition will be charged per student
    *NOTE: A $40 late fee will be assessed on any past due amounts.
    CPA utilizes SMART Tuition for the processing and collection of our families’ tuition. With SMART Tuition, you can select a payment method that works best for you, whether it is receiving invoices, making automatic debit payments, using a credit card, or paying SMART Tuition online. You can access your account from the parent portal of CPA’s website to edit your profile, check your tuition balance, make payments, review account history, change your method of payment, and live chat for assistance.
    SMART Tuition’s staff is available 24/7, 365 days a year to answer questions about your CPA account.
    CPA offers a tuition refund program that protects parents’ investment in the unlikely event a student must withdraw from CPA for one of several reasons including, accident or sickness, family relocation, family financial reversal, academic failure, or a disciplinary matter. CPA recommends that all families purchase the Tuition Refund Program; The Tuition Refund Program (TRP) is required for all first-year students.
    Watch for an email later this spring from SMART Tuition with instructions to set up 2018-19 tuition payment preferences. 
  • Tuition Refund Program (TRP)

    As stated above, Tuition Refund Program (TRP) is required for all first-year students; TRP is optional for returning students. The purpose of the TRP is to allow partial refund/waiver of tuition owed under the annual tuition contract in the event of a student’s withdrawal.
    The Tuition Refund Program is $345 for K-12 ($195 for preschool) and must be elected before the first day of school.
    Because families accept an unconditional obligation for their total tuition payments on May 1 of each year, TRP protects both families and CPA in the event of a student withdrawal since TRP will make prorated tuition payments to CPA on behalf of the family if their student withdraws from the Academy. The level of refund varies based on circumstances. If the tuition refund payment exceeds the remaining tuition due at withdrawal the excess will be refunded to the parents. If the tuition refund payment is less than the tuition remaining due, the parent(s)/guardian(s) remains unconditionally obligated to pay the balance. 

    Tuition will be refunded for the reasons and at the amounts listed below:
    Withdrawal for Medical Reasons.........................100% of unused tuition Withdrawal for Non-Medical reasons or Dismissal...60% of unused tuition 

    Includes disability or mental disorder certified by a licensed doctor that prevents enrollment in a school environment for the remainder of the current school year. Request for medical withdrawal must be received before any other withdrawal reason.
    Voluntary withdrawal
    Students dismissed from the school for academic or disciplinary reasons.
    Election of the Tuition Refund Program can only be made prior to the first day of school. Families who choose not to participate in this program and then withdraw will be responsible for the complete balance of annual tuition.
    See TRP full terms and conditions on this page or on MyCPA > Enrollment Resource Board 
  • Policies Pertaining to Tuition Obligations

    I. Good Standing Criteria
    The following sets forth the three conditions that must be met in order for a student to remain in Good Standing at CPA:
    Financial Obligations: The Parents or Legal Guardians must be current with their payment obligations to the Academy. Please note that the enrollment deposit is not refundable and CPA will not make any tuition refunds after May 1 (families enrolled in the Tuition Refund Program may be eligible to receive refunds through that source).
    Academic Standards: Students must meet the Academic Standards of CPA. Students with a 2.0 GPA or higher are considered to be in academic good standing. Students with a GPA lower than 2.0 are not considered to be in academic good standing and may be dismissed. Such students, at the sole discretion of CPA, may be invited to re-enroll at CPA with improvement conditions. 
    Policies and Procedures: Students must comply with all applicable Policies and Procedures contained in the Family Handbook to remain in Good Standing. A Family Handbook containing Policies and Procedures shall be provided. Your student shall be expected to comply with all Policies and Procedures including, but are not limited to: code of conduct, academic honesty, legal compliance, safety and behavioral criteria.
    A student’s or parent’s disregard of the policies and procedures of the school may be deemed sufficient cause for dismissal of the student. In addition, a student whose account is in arrears may be denied the privilege to continue as a student at the Academy; including not participating in extra-curricular activities and/or receiving transcripts or diploma. The Academy will communicate with families regularly regarding the academic and behavioral performance of their student and their student’s ability to remain at the Academy, if this becomes necessary.
    II. Unconditional Obligation
    Parents/guardians who have signed an enrollment contract and paid a non-refundable enrollment deposit for their student to attend CPA have an unconditional obligation to pay the tuition and fees for the full academic year effective May 1 unless they notify CPA in writing prior to May 1 of their desire to cancel their enrollment/reenrollment reservation. Any and all cancellations shall be sent to an Enrollment Coordinator; other school officials may be copied.
    The tuition obligation is unconditional since the overhead expenses of the school do not diminish if a student does not enroll or departs during the course of the year. No portion of such tuition and fees paid or outstanding will be refunded or canceled in cases of illness, death, withdrawal, or dismissal of the student at any time after May 1.
    The Tuition Refund Program (TRP) refunds tuition under certain circumstances; any portion of the tuition and fees not refunded by TRP remain the obligation of the signer(s) of the CPA Enrollment contract.
    III. Late Fees and Collection Services
    A late charge of $40 will be assessed on any past due amounts. Expenses incurred for the enforcement and collection of the tuition, fees, and other student expenses, including, without limitation, attorney’s fees and costs will be the responsibility of the parents or guardians signing this contract to the extent permitted by law.
    IV. Force Majeure
    CPA reserves the right to dismiss students for a force majeure, where, due to natural disasters or other events out of the control of CPA, a material reduction or cessation of operations results in the need to dismiss some or all of CPA’s students. In such event, tuition will be refunded on a prorated basis depending upon when in the year such event occurs. 
  • 529 Plans: A Note to Parents and Guardians

    The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was signed into law on December 22, 2017, which brings about the largest tax reform since 1986. While most of the focus has been on the changes to corporate and personal tax rates and deductions, the plan also includes many other small provisions that tend to be overlooked. One of these provisions expands the benefits of 529 savings plans.
    A 529 plan is a tax-advantaged savings plan originally designed to help families pay for college. The main advantage of a typical 529 plan, over a normal savings or investment account, is that the earnings are not subject to federal tax and are typically not subject to state tax, as long as the funds are used for qualified education expenses.
    With the new tax bill, distributions of up to $10,000 per year, per beneficiary can now be used for elementary or secondary public, private, or religious school tuition. While this is a great new benefit, it may require individuals to revisit their investment strategy with their financial advisor. This information is provided for informational purposes only, and we ask that you seek the advice of your tax professional prior to making any decisions concerning 529 plans. 

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available to families with students in grades K-12.

Financial assistance is determined on basis of need. For more information, download the Financial Assistance Instructions on the right side of this page, or email 

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