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  • Course Levels

    Part of Christ Presbyterian Academy’s mission is to challenge every student’s academic ability and motivate each student in his/her pursuit of academic excellence. Our students have diverse ability levels, and CPA offers college-preparatory courses as well as Honors and Advanced Placement courses to meet these needs. The student-placement process will identify and address the specific academic needs of the individual student. The following are strong indicators that a student will be successful in the specific course levels:

    College-Preparatory Level (CP)
    • Can handle college-preparatory curriculum
    • Can understand the major concepts of the content
    • Is motivated to complete tasks
    • Is prepared to do outside reading
    • Can begin to move towards a higher level of critical-thinking skills
    Honors Level (H)
    • Is self-directed and self-motivated
    • Can handle several outside projects and more 
    • outside reading
    • Can handle higher-level critical thinking
    • Can handle a faster pace for mastery 
    • Tests, grades and homework will be at a 
    • more detailed level
    Advanced-Placement Level (AP)
    • Is more responsible for individual academic achievement/progress
    • Mature and highly motivated
    • Can grasp concepts through independent study
    • Able to synthesize understanding of content with new and varied approach
    • Can handle a quicker, in-depth pace
    Honors Courses
    • Enrollment in an Honors course requires an average grade of at least 88 in the preceding year, review of standardized test scores, and/or recommendation of the previous year’s instructor. 

    Advanced-Placement Courses
    The AP courses offered at CPA include: Computer Science Principles, English Language, English Literature, Capstone Seminar, Spanish Language, Latin, Calculus AB and BC, Probability and Statistics, Physics C: Mechanics, Chemistry II, Biology II, Studio Art, Psychology, US Government, US History, and European History. AP fees will be paid in advance at registration. All students enrolled in an AP course take the AP test. AP courses are more difficult than college prep or honors courses and are designed to prepare students for the AP exams given in May. Upon passing the AP exam, as determined by individual colleges and universities, students may receive college credit. Due to the amount of work involved in AP courses, it is recommended that students should also take a study hall.

    Students with a C- or below in an AP course will be required to take the regular course final exam in addition to the AP exam.
  • Graduation Requirements

    Bible 3 credits
    1 in 9th, 1 in any combination in 10th or 11th, 1 in 12th.

    English 4 credits

    Math 4 credits
    Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and one additional math course beyond Algebra II. 

    Science 3 credits
    1 of these 3 credits must be Biology and 1 must be a physical science.

    Studies 3 credits
    0.5 in U. S. Government, 0.5 Economics, 1 in U. S. History, 1 in World History or European History. 

    World Language 2 credits
    Both credits must be in the same language. 2 credits are required in upper school. 

    Arts 1 credit
    Any combination of Art, Music, Dance, Theatre, or Media Arts classes.

    Physical Education 1 credit
    1 credit of Fitness. 
    Electives  3.0 credits 
    TOTAL 24 units

    Any upper school courses taken in the eighth grade year (such as Algebra I or Foreign Language) will be listed on the upper school transcript; however, the grades earned in these courses will not be included in the cumulative upper school grade point average or in the class rank. Eighth-grade credits will not count towards the graduation requirements.

    All students must take six courses per semester. 

    Summer School
    Any student who receives a D or lower for the second semester grade in English, Algebra I, or the first year of foreign language is required to attend summer school in order to improve his or her grade since the fundamental grasp of the subject is considered insufficient to proceed. A student is not eligible for summer school if the course semester average is less than 50; the course must be completely retaken. All summer school courses must be approved by the Academic Coordinator prior to enrollment.
  • Schedule Changes

    During the pre-registration process, students should make every effort to select courses that best meet their needs and interests.

    Student requests are used to construct the master schedule and determine the courses offered. 

    Students will receive a copy of their schedule during the summer. They will have two weeks to make necessary changes by contacting the Assistant Head of Upper School--Academics, Amy Calhoun, at (615) 301-3527. 

    After the drop/add period, minimal schedule changes will be made if a teacher indicates a student has been inappropriately placed. Course changes will not be reflected on the transcript if they are made during the first quarter of the semester. After the first quarter of the semester, a WP or WF will be indicated on the transcript. 

    Students will not be allowed to drop a year-long course at the end of the first semester unless they have failed or are in danger of failing the class. 
  • Christ Presbyterian Academy Grading Scale

    Letter GradeNumericalQuality Pts (CP)HonorsAP
  • Class Rank

    Class rank will be determined on a 4.0 GPA scale at the end of first semester senior year. The quality points for an Honors course is augmented by an additional 0.5 and an Advanced Placement course is augmented by an additional 1.0.
    CPA releases specific rank only for the valedictorian and salutatorian students; all others are ranked in quartiles, and this information is held for in-house purposes only.
    Only courses taken at CPA are used to determine class rank. Students must attend CPA their entire junior and senior years to be considered for valedictorian or salutatorian.
  • Honor Diploma

    In order to qualify for an Honors Diploma, a student must meet the requirements for a College Preparatory Diploma, with a minimum cumulative Christ Presbyterian Academy GPA of 3.5. In addition, at least 14 credits must be taken at the Honors or AP level.

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