Christ Presbyterian Academy

Transformation through Education

The foundation of this transformational process is love for God and for each other. 

Our education process is cyclical in nature. Each experience is an opportunity for discovery and rediscovery of who God is and how to engage with Him in all things. The process emanates from the atmosphere of our school community. Our atmosphere facilitates experiences, both shared and individual, that encourage skill development critical for students to be productive and effective in our contemporary culture.

The drive to discover

CPA is committed to creating an atmosphere to provide experiences that teach skills and build character.

At CPA, learning experiences extend well beyond the classroom. Each school offers intentional opportunities and experiences that support the rigorous curriculum, encourage creativity, build character, and stimulate critical thinking. 

The love for creating

CPA equips students to be salt and light in today's culture through the arts. 

We as human beings are a creative people made in the image of a creative God. Therefore, the Academy asserts that participation in and study of the arts is an important part of a balanced life. Student involvement teaches unique artistic skills, leadership, discipline, and responsibility. Arts events and productions also provide opportunities for our community to experience students offering their gifts for the glory of God through the arts.

The need to be stretched

Athletics at CPA develop character traits in students that enable them to overcome challenges throughout their lives. 

Although the pursuit of victory through physical and mental preparation within a team atmosphere is deemed to be a worthy standard, CPA athletics understands success is not measure by the number of trophies. CPA desires for student athletes to learn to persevere, to lose with grace, and to win with humility.