Christ Presbyterian Academy

The Whole Child

A true education provides relevant and balanced curricular offerings to cultivate growth in the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical, and creative areas of life. 

At CPA, we focus on the unique design of each student and how he/she learns, lives in community, and expresses his/her unique identity in the broader culture. The cognitive process of learning is facilitated through vibrant and diverse program offerings built on both research and demonstrated excellence. 

Holistic Curricula

The Whole Child

Instructors who are experts in their fields and who walk intimately with Jesus teach each educational program through a holistic approach. This unique approach not only seeks to help students discover who God made them to be but also understand the purpose of being salt and light in contemporary culture as a part of God's restoration plan. 


Kindle the Soul

Every human is a spiritual being, created for fellowship with God and man. This relationship is initiated only through a personal relationship with Christ. Spiritual maturity for a follower of Christ is a life of progressive refinement. Spiritual growth is nurtured through prayer, the study of scripture, obedience to God, and fellowship with believers. Spiritual maturity is achieved by the power of the Holy Spirit. 


Nurture the Spirit

Every human is an emotional being with a God-given set of unique affections and feelings. It is through faith in Christ and fellowship with other believers, that individuals can fully appreciate their feelings and discern appropriate emotional responses to daily life. Instructors help students grow in emotional maturity through pursuant love, authentic relationships, and application of scripture. 


Challenge the Mind

Every human is a rational being, capable of developing and exercising the mental faculties necessary for a reasoned life. The human intellect, while afflicted  by our predisposition for sin, is set free through faith in Jesus Christ to see life through the lens of the Gospel. Through exposure to various branches of learning, the human intellect grows and develops according to its own unique capacities and challenges. With this intellectual growth, each person takes his/her place in the contemporary society and enhances the broader culture. Since all truth is God’s Truth, faith and intellect are fully compatible. 


Empower the Body

Every human is a physical being. Throughout history, however, mankind has promoted two errors concerning the physical. One demeans the body, viewing it as a hindrance to be endured. The other worships the body, making its care, development and well-being of the highest value. The physical body is a part of a person’s essential being and a gift from God. Therefore, the Christian has a responsibility to understand the body, care for it, and develop it appropriately. The body is to be disciplined, not worshipped, and nourished, not rejected. The physical body of the Christian is the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit. As such, it is to be offered up to God for His use and His glory. 


Engage the Giftings

Every human is a creative being, having been made in the image of a creative God. Therefore, the participation in and study of the arts is an important part of a spiritual journey and balanced life. Through the study of the arts and the creative process, students discover and develop unique aspects of their gifts and learn more of the character of God, whose first recorded act was to create.