Christ Presbyterian Academy

The Institute for Cultural Engagement

The Institute for Cultural Engagement offers students at CPA the opportunity to discover the intersection of their passion and purpose (their unique design) in order to make a meaningful contribution to the public good (culture shapers). 


The CPA Institute for Cultural Engagement solidifies the Mind, Body, and Spirit educational design by giving students a pathway to purpose and to God’s design for their lives.

Through strategic course design and platform alignment, this program unites the head and the heart as it trains tomorrow’s leaders to discover their purpose and their passion. This intentional design grants our students organic opportunities to invest in and serve the community of Nashville and the church. 

Four Components of Center Programming

“The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet.”frederick buechner

Rising freshmen and sophomores may apply for Center membership, following completion of their gateway center course. Applications are due in December, and Center Invitations are mailed out in January. Students who successfully complete their Center checklist will be recognized at graduation and receive a center endorsement on their diploma and transcript. 

Center for Law and Advocacy

Endorsements include Law, Global Studies, and Non-Profit Management

The Center for Law and Advocacy educates students on what it means to love mercy, act justly, and walk humbly with God.  Students will study how justice and mercy are characteristics of God exhibited throughout the Bible, and they will learn through pathways like law and global studies how, as Christians, we are called to follow His example. Opportunities for students to exemplify the love of Christ through justice and mercy in real world situations will be presented and processed throughout all aspects of this center. 

Center for Production and Performance

Endorsements include Instrumental Music, Vocal Performance, Songwriting, and Theatre

The Center for Production and Performance equips students to realize the impact of the arts on society.  Students explore specific strands of the arts (theatre, music, visual arts, and film) through the three avenues of artmaking, arts marketing and critique, and business and management.  By connecting to students’ passions, nurturing their creative growth, and engaging them to make connections to culture, they will discover myriad ways arts and entertainment reflect the culture, and explore through the lens of the gospel how they can relevantly speak to the culture serving as salt and light in the world today.

Center for Business and Entrepreneurship

Endorsements include Business, Entrepreneurship, and Music Business

The Center for Business and Entrepreneurship trains students to embody the gospel of Jesus Christ in work by loving God and neighbor. Through business courses and entrepreneurial experiences, we will develop ethical leaders across a variety of business disciplines. Students will be prepared to integrate their faith and work in ways that advance His kingdom and benefit the broader community.

Center for Inquiry and Design

Endorsements include Computer Science, Biomedical Science, Engineering, and Architecture

The Center for Inquiry and Design trains skilled, ethical, and compassionate STEM-minded students by developing their research skills and fostering creative problem-solving abilities so they have the courage and confidence to take on the greatest problems facing the world. Students will be able to focus on biological sciences, engineering and design, and computer science.

Center for Visual Media and Publication

Endorsements include Journalism, Film, Visual Arts, Graphic Design, Photography, News and Sports Broadcasting

The Center for Visual Media and Publication equips students with the skills to communicate both verbally and visually through a project-based learning environment within such disciplines as journalism, graphic design, news broadcasting, computer science, and photography. Whether the platform is digital or print, understanding how to communicate well is essential to living in a global society.