Christ Presbyterian Academy

Remote Learning Program

In the wake of COVID-19, social distancing has initiated CPA's Remote Learning Program (RLP), delivering quality Christian education to students through virtual platforms. 

Faculty and staff are mobilized to facilitate CPA's Remote Learning Program, creating an efficient, effective, and accessible way to conduct school for students PS-12 at home. With technology integration support staff in lower, middle, and upper school, expert training and collaboration have led the way for the program's implementation in March.

"And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this"

Esther 4:14

Expert Instruction

Faculty and staff are mobilized to facilitate CPA's RLP, having received coordinated training and assistance from the technology integration team.

The program is a continuation of platforms and processes CPA already utilizes in instruction, assignment, assessment, and communication. Students have access to faculty for live discussions, questions, and support. 

Parent Resources

CPA Division Heads (PS, LS, MS, US) have detailed unique remote learning plans for families in each school.

Parent resources and materials are available in MyCPA>Remote Learning Program. The Academy's technology integration team is available for on-demand support and Q&A.

Zoom to Connect

Faculty and staff are using Zoom to connect with students at home, host virtual class discussions, and conduct daily on-demand meetings with students.

Students and families have been equipped with outlines for Zoom usage, etiquette, security, and best practices. Learn more at

Program Highlights

Weekly Bible Reading Plan

Monday Message from the Head of School