CPA preschool classes utilize a theme-based curriculum, structured so each class is a building block for the next educational level. Different methods of assessments are conducted throughout the year and standards are reviewed during parent-teacher conferences. Our faculty works in collaborative teams to develop curriculum maps using the online program Atlas. With Atlas, teachers map their plans for the year, giving careful attention to concepts, activities and assessments that foster student progress.

Class Descriptions

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  • Twos

    Twos thrive when they are in a loving and supportive environment that affirms each child's worth by honoring the reality that each child is created in the image of God. Children are encouraged to explore and discover under the careful supervision and direction of teachers who encourage and cherish their accomplishments.

    The curriculum for Twos is based on the unique daily experience and includes child-initiated and teacher-directed play and exploration. Monthly themes are used to carefully introduce God, the Catechism, language skills, sensory awareness, science, math, self help, creativity and literature.
  • Threes and Fours

    Threes and Fours (Preschoolers) are ready to expand their horizons and begin achieving all that God has planned for them! They desire to seek out information, explore new territory, and make sense of our Godly world. Through child-centered classrooms, teachers encourage children to learn, explore interests, and marvel in creativity. Because teachers respect children and their work, children's self images are bolstered.

    Classroom activities follow our theme-based curriculum with an emphasis on God, the Catechism, language and literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, creative development and technology, writing and pre-reading skills. Classrooms are arranged in learning centers, and activities are teacher-directed but allow flexibility for children to independently explore areas of interest. This unique environment will help children develop spiritually, emotionally, socially and physically, while also enhancing their self-confidence preparing them for pre-kindergarten and the world.
  • Pre-K

    The pre-k program includes a more in-depth study of the Catechism, emergent reading and language arts/phonics, emergent math, science, and social studies. Nothing prepares your child for success in elementary school like a strong pre-kindergarten experience where academics and social development are paired with physical well-being and creative expression.

    Students are guided and instructed using a balance of group activities, individual attention, and a strong emphasis on reading, science and math. Teachers use multiple forms of ongoing assessment to evaluate students' performance and development in different learning domains and share progress with parents throughout the year. The ultimate goal is for students to experience the joy of learning, loving, and living together to the glory of the One who made them.

Hands-On Programs

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  • Handwriting Without Tears

    The curriculum incorporates hands-on activities and multisensory teaching strategies that build good handwriting habits early. 
  • Zoo-Phonics

    This multi-sensory curriculum maximizes understanding, memory, and transference to all areas of reading, spelling, and the writing process. It is a multi-modal approach to learning all aspects of language arts.
  • Palma Smiley

    For Two's, this early-childhood curriculum incorporates Bible stories, songs, and puppets to further the students' educational experience.
  • Ask Me WhoOo

    For Threes and Fours, this curriculum teaches the Westminister Shorter Catechism through questions and answers set to music.

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