Christ Presbyterian Academy

Philosophy of Teaching and Learning

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth

3 JOHN 4:4

Philosophy of Teaching

Teaching is the art and science of empowering students with not only knowledge but a life-long love of learning. CPA teachers seek to cultivate a growth mindset and offer experiences that inspire students to acquire the wisdom, skill, attitude, and faith needed to effectively pursue and embrace opportunities that bring glory to God. CPA teachers empower students to learn at the highest levels. 

Philosophy of Learning

Learning is a skill honed by experience, encouraged by an atmosphere unthreatened by failure, and infused with healthy risk-taking. Learning happens most fluidly when students meet novel challenges with curiosity and self-direction, trusting that errors are an integral part of the learning process. The ability to learn is a gift of the Creator and should be treated with respect and stewarded. 

Excellence in Instruction

The Learning Process

View the learning process as inherently valuable and ultimately transferable in multiple contexts

Decision Making

Offer varied circumstances and complexities to refine decision-making in an environment where success and failure are viewed as equal opportunities to learn


Establish a teacher-student relationship that is marked by high expectations, mutual respect, and trust 


Utilize technology for learning and the production of work, not simply for consumption and entertainment


Challenge the student to use knowledge and skill acquisition to benefit others


Value diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and frameworks of thought as great assets to learning


Persistently collaborate with colleagues on best practices and student learning, seeking excellence as the standard


Strategically utilizes a consistent and viable curriculum to help students meet learning goals 


Constantly and frequently adjust their teaching in response to how students are progressing toward learning goals

Deeper Thinking

Require students to grapple with opposing viewpoints, novel ideas, and deeper thinking

Solution Seeking

Center experiences on problems and situations that develop critical analysis and move students towards action and resolution


Give students clarity and enlightenment to the biblical truths found in the subject matter to encourage the pursuit of wisdom over knowledge

Students Positioned for Growth


Believe all mistakes are vehicles for learning

High Standards

Are appropriately challenged by high standards of learning that are meaningful and applicable 

Everyday Hurdles

Have opportunity to apply their learning to novel situations that simulate problems they may be asked to solve in their everyday lives

Expanding Horizons

Interact in widening circles of experience that extend beyond self, peers, socioeconomic group, ethnic group, and religious familiarity 

Civic Application

Recognize the relevance of what they are learning and its potential to help them contribute to their communities and the world

Key Characteristics

Choose opportunities to naturally and fluidly incorporate character traits of curiosity, gratitude, self-control, empathy, social intelligence, passion, perseverance, and resilience into their daily lives


Have authentic relationships with each other and with their teachers

Book Love

Read regularly and for pleasure, pursuing personal interests and exploring new ideas

God's Truth

Seek God's truth and recognize the instruction of the Holy Spirit as an integral factor in all knowledge acquisition and wisdom