Christ Presbyterian Academy

Philosophy of Teaching and Learning

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth

3 JOHN 4:4

Philosophy of Teaching

Teaching is the art and science of empowering students with not only knowledge but a life-long love of learning. CPA teachers seek to cultivate a growth mindset and offer experiences that inspire students to acquire the wisdom, skill, attitude, and faith needed to effectively pursue and embrace opportunities that bring glory to God. CPA teachers empower students to learn at the highest levels. 

Philosophy of Learning

Learning is a skill honed by experience, encouraged by an atmosphere unthreatened by failure, and infused with healthy risk-taking. Learning happens most fluidly when students meet novel challenges with curiosity and self-direction, trusting that errors are an integral part of the learning process. The ability to learn is a gift of the Creator and should be treated with respect and stewarded. 

Excellence in Instruction

Students Positioned for Growth