Christ Presbyterian Academy

Arts and Athletics

Arts and athletics at the middle school level are a vital part of the curriculum, working to engage students physically, creatively, and spiritually. Art instructors, directors, and coaches work together to build trust-based relationships with students, challenging them to do their personal best and providing them a safe place to fail. 

Arts in the Middle School

Visual Arts

Visual Arts classes and clubs in the middle school offer students fundamental training in various art forms such as drawing, painting, sculpting, and working with textiles, beads, etc. Class projects are thematic and cause students to think deeper about artistic expression and perspective in their everyday lives. 


CPA middle school theatre involves students in a robust program of diverse performing arts opportunities including a musical, children's theatre, a one-act, and more. Instructors assist students as they explore skills in acting, singing, dancing, stage crew, set design, and all aspects of team-based productions. 

Visit CPA Arts Season Events to see upcoming middle school productions. 


Middle School Dance Company offers girls in grades 6-8 the experience to develop their gifts of dance as they grow in leadership at CPA. The company performs at football/basketball halftimes and pep rallies. They are also exposed to jazz, ballet, tap, hip-hop, and lyrical styles of dance as they take part in the musical and Dance Fest. 


Middle school band students continue their ensemble training to include instrumental techniques, music theory, and fun and lively performance pieces. Preparing for concerts throughout the year, students will grasp the importance of tune, rhythm, and sync for any successful ensemble. 

Pep Band / Drumline

This extracurricular ensemble group for students in grades 6-12 will equip musicians at all levels to sharpen performance skills, provide entertainment, and increase school spirit at designated football/basketball games and school events. It is open to beginning and advanced students.

Athletics in the Middle School

Coaches and Teams

  • 70 members of the middle school coaching staff 
  • 28 middle school athletic teams (boys and girls)
  • Visit Team Pages to peruse the middle school offerings

Philosophy of Competition

Middle school athletics combines the fundamentals of technique, team culture, winning, and losing in a fun and nurturing environment. Coaches work with players to cultivate competitive instincts and qualities of sportsmanship and servant leadership. 

Trying Out for a Team

Students try out for teams and audition for performing arts roles. Parents are notified via email with tryout results on Friday evenings and students are encouraged to meet with directors for feedback on results. 

Middle School Athletic Administration

The Middle School Athletic Program is led by Assistant Athletic Director Kevin Legate with the support of the CPA Athletics staff. Over 70 middle school coaches work to prime young athletes for meaningful individual growth through CPA's InSide Out Coaching Initiative led by Director of Transformational Coaching Ingle Martin. 

Safety and Standards

Middle school athletes are instructed on safety techniques and best practices in all team activities and competitions. In addition, middle school coaches are certified in ImPact Concussion Training, led by CPA's Sports Medicine Team