The middle school faculty includes 42 teachers and administrators, 60 percent of them hold advanced degrees. The teacher to student ratio is 1:7. The average class size is 16.

A balanced bell schedule is used in the middle school and high school. Seven assigned classes meet at various times throughout the day, four out of five days a week. This schedule allows for students to have longer time for guided practice, labs, and group work. Students also have a study hall built into the daily schedule so they can begin homework and seek additional help from the faculty.

CPA has a stringent grading system. Some honors and accelerated courses are offered to middle school students. Student selection for these courses is based upon successful completion of prerequisite courses, in-class performance, teacher recommendation, and standardized testing.

In November, middle school students take the ERB achievement test. The student scores are compared to those in other independent schools throughout the country. Eligible seventh-grade students are invited to participate in the Duke University Talent Identification Program (TIP). Eighth-grade students take the EXPLORE test in order to determine areas of strength and challenge as well as perceived areas of interest in preparation for high school.

Christ Presbyterian Academy

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