Christ Presbyterian Academy

Learning Services

CPA enjoys an ongoing commitment to cultivating a diverse learning community that desires to teach covenant children in ways that cultivate each child’s level of ability and set of strengths. The Learning Services Department works to maximize the academic growth of CPA students in grades K-12 with diagnosed learning disabilities and other disorders that significantly impact learning. Individual plans for those within the program provide the accommodations and support necessary to enable their success at CPA. 

We All Learn Differently

CPA partners with Southeast Psych Nashville for on-site testing, evaluation, and the initial steps of parent partnership. The Learning Center is conveniently located in Veritas Commons. 

We all learn differently. The learning services team serves as an ongoing resource in helping parents and teachers better understand the unique learning needs and strengths of each student. 

Learning Services Chair Katie Songer

Each division has an established pathway to student intake and support, with learning services specialists who excel in connection, strategy, and advocacy for academic success. 

To learn more about the intake process and the lower school, middle school, and upper school learning services teams, email Learning Services Chair Katie Songer