Lifelong Learners

Every day at CPA students are taught to press into challenge, to try new things, and to explore diverse ideas. The Academy’s educators emphasize lifelong learning as a goal for each student. Students don’t just learn things, but they learn how to learn, meaning they develop the skills necessary to investigate, question, create, and discover on their own. All learning takes place through the lens of a Christian worldview, with an emphasis on God’s creation and intention for all learners.

The academic program at CPA considers the reality that students are only just beginning to discover their ultimate design and calling. Many of the careers students will pursue, technological tools they will use, and challenges they will face have not yet emerged. This curriculum is focused on instilling lifelong learning to build tomorrow’s problem solvers.

21st Century Skills

The global landscape of learning is changing rapidly, reshaping traditional “academic skills.” Today’s society is no longer a technical skills-based society, but a knowledge-based society. CPA students are exposed to rapid changes in technology and expected to collaborate with others to explore these changes and engage in forward-thinking strategies. The communication landscape is changing, and students are taught how to adapt and join the dialogue.

In all of our courses and levels of instruction, in ways that are developmentally appropriate, we are emphasizing these 21st Century Skills:
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Literacy (information, communications, technology)
  • Life Skills (flexibility and adaptability, initiative and self-direction, social and cultural skills, productivity and accountability, leadership and responsibility)
These skills are woven throughout the units of instruction, the chapters of text, the science labs, the projects assigned, the fine arts every learning scenario, CPA faculty looks for opportunities to teach these skills.

CPA seeks to prepare students to be culture changers – in the workplace and their community, digitally, and as part of their family and friend circles – and to be individually aware of God’s unique calling on their lives. As they are taught to be culture changers, we trust we are encouraging them toward fulfillment of the calling God has on their lives in the 21st century.

CPA Atlas Maps

CPA faculty uses the online program Atlas for every single unit of instruction in the classroom. Teachers work in collaborative, vertically integrated teams to develop their lesson plans. Check out what your students are learning in different classes on the CPA Atlas public site and follow the instructions provided.

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