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TICE: Director of Litigation for the Southeastern Legal Foundation Braden Boucek speaks to US students

The Institute for Cultural Engagement's (TICE) Center for Law & Advocacy hosted Braden Boucek, Director of Litigation for the Southeastern Legal Foundation (SLF), for lunch and discussion with upper school students. 

Braden is a former state and federal prosecutor and also teaches constitutional law at Belmont Law School. He is a prominent member of the Federalist Society and a prolific legal writer. He spoke to students about the context of America's founding and constitution. Students heard his perspective on what made America unique at the time of its founding and why its democracy continues to be unique today. Students asked about his current and ongoing legal endeavors and the tangled landscape of constitutional interpretation facing their own generation. 

From discussing the Declaration of Independence in its intricate composition, to talking through the legal implications of the Bill of Rights, the conversation centered on the virtues of critical thinking, leading with open and educated dialogue, and engaging ideological differences with care and respect.