Christ Presbyterian Academy
Third Grade Living History Museum comes to CPA Lower School

Some very special celebrities visited CPA this week! Julius Caesar, Beverly Cleary, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Jackie Robinson, Steve Jobs, Clara Barton, Fred Rogers, Thomas Jefferson, Nelson Mandela, Queen Elizabeth I...these and other historical figures were brought to life at the Third Grade Living History Museum!

The Living History Museum is much more than a history project: it combines scholarly research, report-writing, art, integrated technology, communication, creativity, and a biblical worldview. This cross-curricular, two-month endeavor begins with students learning how to navigate scholarly research. Students then write a report, deliver it as a speech, and construct a creative display. Displays contain a portrait designed in art class, a QR code created in computer class, the written report, and other pictures and information relevant to the life of students’ assigned historical figures. Furthermore, in studying the entirety of a person’s life, students get a better understanding of God’s sovereignty as they realize that every person is uniquely designed and carries meaning and purpose in the world. 

At the culmination of the project, the Civitas Gym was transformed into an incredible display of historical figures brought to life. Students dressed in costume and assumed the identity of their historical figure as patrons gave them an opportunity to share a brief biography from a first-person perspective.