Christ Presbyterian Academy
Salt and Light symposium hosts White House press correspondent Greg Clugston

Upper school arts students participating in the Salt and Light series attended the latest session with White House press correspondent Greg Clugston. Clugston is the White House correspondent for the Salem Radio Network (SRN). His daily reports on SRN News are heard on approximately 2,000 stations nationwide. Now in his 25th year at the White House, he has reported on the presidency from the Oval Office, Camp David, and even Air Force One. 

Based in Washington, D.C. since 1992, Clugston has also reported from Capitol Hill, the Pentagon, and the Supreme Court. He has covered presidential inaugurations and political conventions since 2000. He also anchors special events such as State of the Union addresses and Election Night results. 

Prior to his network radio work in Washington, Clugston was employed at Spring Arbor University (Michigan) as director of SAU Radio and instructor in the Communications Department. He also worked at KNWS Radio in Waterloo, Iowa. Clugston earned undergraduate degrees in Communication and English from Spring Arbor University and a master's degree in Journalism from Michigan State University. 

The session provided valuable and timely insight for students on the role of journalism post-2020, the ways the journalism industry is changing, and how critical it is for journalists to lead with integrity, honestly, and accuracy in reporting. He answered questions about undergraduate training and study, reporting in the age of COVID-19, and how each presidential administration has shifted in terms of press access. Hearing Clugston describe attending historical events was inspiring. He also spoke on how his faith informs his work, inspiring him to deliver the news with integrity and honesty.