Christ Presbyterian Academy
Parenting with Purpose: Living Fully in a Broken World with Dr. Chip Dodd

Parenting with Purpose is a unique CPA parent series on the journey of parenting through a Christian worldview. With the understanding that we are emotional and spiritual beings created by God, this series seeks to assist parents in raising the next generation of engaged, faith-centered men and women who live fully in a difficult, hard, and sometimes tragic world. Once a month, starting in September and concluding in March, parents in the community gather to hear speakers on various topics relevant to world events and recent studies—all in a Christian worldview. 

CPA kicked off the 2023-24 season of Parenting with Purpose with Dr. Chip Dodd, an award-winning counselor, writer, and speaker. Chip has penned two books core to CPA’s SEL curriculum: Voice of the Heart for adults and How Are You Feeling Today? for children. Both of these books dive deep into The Eight Feelings™, and how we can better love God and others, while understanding the freedom and empowerment of feelings. But this is just the beginning of a journey to understand who God created us to be. 

Dr. Dodd shared with parents about the different feelings, the empowerment they hold should we choose to embrace them, and the limitations they impose should we choose to ignore them. He reviewed the philosophy behind The Spiritual Root System™: needs, desires, longings, and hope. These five elements are the expression of who we are and who God created us to be, and he discussed how these roots apply to the lives of parents and children. 

Dr. Dodd concluded his presentation with valuable takeaways on living life to the fullest in a broken world. He shared that a fulfilling life begins with our daily rhythms, and emphasized the importance of abiding in Jesus each morning. During this time, Dr. Dodd explained seven aspects of journaling that can guide our decisions the rest of the day, including rest, quiet, prayer/meditation, inspiration, imagination, celebration, and challenging/sharing. 

In November, parents in the community will have the opportunity to hear from Dr. Dodd once more, as he speaks about the primary needs of the heart. For more information about Parenting with Purpose, visit