Christ Presbyterian Academy
Lower, Middle, & Upper School Dance Companies to Perform Dance Demo

Lower, middle, and upper school dance companies are showcasing their skills—new and old—at the Dance Demo on November 16. Each company will perform different genres of dance, ranging from tap and ballet to hip-hop and acrobatics. 

Anna Perry, Director of Dance, shared “It’s important for dancers to discover different styles of dance throughout their training. It’s our ultimate goal to enable each dancer to become well-rounded in all genres.” Additionally, this demonstration is an intentional time for all 73 dancers to be together, offering an opportunity for students to encourage and support one another on and off the stage. 

The theme for this year’s classes is autHEntic, which emphasizes the importance of knowing how God authentically designs each and every person. Throughout the year, dancers have been learning about what God says about them—fearfully and wonderfully made—through weekly devotionals and student-led dialogue. Perry shared, “It’s not just about performances. It’s about planting roots and watching the transformation process unfold as they discover more about themselves and who God made them to be.”

Before the holidays, dancers are eager to demonstrate all they’ve learned, invested, and practiced thus far. In this season of thankfulness, there’s no more opportune time for dancers to illustrate their God-given talents for the glory of God. We can’t wait to see you there!