Christ Presbyterian Academy
Fourth and Fifth Grade Students Write Original Lyrics for Grandparents Day

by Spencer Stevens
LS Instructor of Music 

As we brainstormed ideas for this year’s Grandparents Day performance, I realized that music composition and songwriting would be the perfect way to finish out their LS music education here at CPA. Composing original music allows students to take all of the important concepts and skills they’ve learned over the years and put them to the test. 

The fifth grade students teamed up by homeroom and started by picking a piece of artwork to give them inspiration. Good songwriting stems from storytelling, so their goal was to look at the artwork they picked and create a story from it. The characters, the setting, and the plot of that story were summed up into a theme and then turned into the poetry of song lyrics. Once the lyrics were finished, we began crafting the music. Ideas for style, melody, form, and more came together until we found a way to capture the feelings that come with the themes the students wanted to express. 

The students were in charge the entire time. They took the task they were given and ran with it. Yes, there were disagreements and roadblocks along the way, but overall they did an incredible job working as a team. They made the experience meaningful, and while they could have written songs about playing kickball at recess or how much they love pizza, they decided to tackle meaningful themes like searching for God’s calling and discovering where true happiness lies in life. They asked questions like, “where is God when things seem dark?” and “how do we navigate change and growth in life?” 

Through this whole process the students have been able to discover that we are able to create because we are created beings. God allows us to participate in His creation with music, and we take everything we make and give it back to Him through worship. As you listen to these songs, we hope you are able to worship along with us, and praise Him for this gift of creativity.   

Looking For Something New


Looking Looking for something new

Maybe to find a new perspective or two

Looking all night up to space

Trying to find a new pace


All alone in my rocking chair

Nobody around seems to care

All I have is my horn and my hat

Something is missing I do know that


I have found something new 

Out of my old perspective I grew 

I realized God's word was what I need 

To be how he has made me 


I know God’s word will lead me in good ways

Even through all of my weary days

I was depressed, now I’m glad 

To have found what I have not had


Seasons Come and Seasons Go


Seasons come and seasons go

Just like rain and just snow

Change is part of life

As every year goes by

Seasons come and seasons go

People change and people grow

Time goes by fast

But we want it to last


Leaves are growing back on trees

Now we have to pay our lawn mowing fees

The plants are starting to grow

Now it’s time to get fro-yo


It feels like a desert out here

So get your swimming gear

We’re gonna have a blast

So you better watch me splash


Leaves are falling on the ground

Turning the TV on watch the touchdown 

Sweaters always on

I don’t want this to be gone



The snow will fall The rain will freeze

Got to heat up the car so get your keys

Hot chocolate on Christmas 

Thanking God for this 


Money Isn’t Forever


Money isn’t forever 

but as long as we’re together 

I’ll be happy for the rest of my life 

With you, With you, With you


The time we spend together is sweeter than honey 

I treasure those memories more than money 

You and me go together

Those memories are forever 



You're a part of my life

You’re with me when I laugh and cry 

On rainy day or sunny and dry

I know you’ll be by my side 



Memories that we spent together 

are worth more than gold, 

and we will remember them 

till the day that we’re very very old

Don’t Worry, Be Happy (Fourth Grade Version)



If you’re tired and late to school 

Roll over in bed and start to drool 

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

You thought you brought your lunch today

Your day isn’t going all that great

Don’t Worry, Be Happy



When your recess time is ticking down

It’s easy to have a big big frown

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

When you don’t do homework it stinks 

When you do it feels pretty neat 

Don’t Worry, Be Happy 



I came to class late

Then I said 5+5 is 8

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

I walked into class a little late

Then my stomach started to ache

Don’t Worry, Be Happy



This morning I got ready for school

If only I didn't have to follow dress code rules

Don’t Worry, Be Happy 

I got in the car and I went to school

I just wish I was at the pool 

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Reaching For The Stars



I’m reaching for the stars

I’m climbing to my dreams

I’m shooting straight to Mars

Exploring everything


Doing the things that we’re called to do

There’s so much room in this world for you



It was midnight, I looked to the sky

Though it was dark I had a light in my eye

I grabbed the ladder and climbed up the tree

With my bag I moved up, there was nothing stopping me



I was getting so close, the stars within view

Then thick clouds surrounded me, what could I do

My sin and my selfishness were causing me to fall 

Maybe this wasn’t God’s plan after all



These stars are so hard to reach

So frustrating it makes me screech

Dreaming of the stars that I try to find

Maybe one day I can climb that high



I sat on the ground with no words left to say

The only thing left to do was to pray

God be my strength and my courage too

So I can do what you’ve called me to do


Light In The Darkness


How many days can I go on like this

Why am I stuck in this eternal darkness

Somebody needs you O Lord


Up in the heavens you are there 

Down in the depths you are there 

Teach me to rise up O lord 



Lonely on the street

The plan was looking neat

when he gave his son,

he said that sin itself was done, 

He is the light in the darkness



Years have passed trust has been spoken

Your love has held never let me be broken 

I blind but now I can see.                                                                                  

Because of what your love has done to me

He is the light in the darkness



You make me feel happy

You change my inner mood

I know you’ll always love me 

From earth to the moon

When I ponder my worth

You remind me you love me down to earth

God blessed you with grandchildren and more

That’s why we will love you forever more