Christ Presbyterian Academy
Danny Rader Speaks to TICE Production+Performance Students

Danny Rader is a prominent, multi-instrumentalist studio musician, songwriter, and producer. He is a three-time ACM (Academy of Country Music) award winner, the 2021 music director for the CMA awards, and currently tours with renowned country music singer Kenny Chesney. He is also a husband and father to three children. On January 30, Rader began his session speaking about his humble beginnings in the music industry, sharing that the most important aspect of any job is the relationships you build with others.

One of the biggest pieces of advice Rader offered Production+Performance students was the idea of “being present, kind, and a hard worker.” He shared, “It’s these skills that will take you farther than anything else in this life.” At the end of the session, students were able to participate in a Q&A, actively listening and engaging with Rader about everything from audio equipment and guitars to life skills. Rader left students with an inspiring, heartfelt truth about knowing their worth as a child of God. He shared, “I never worry about the next gig, show, or performance because I know where my identity is.” He encouraged students to remember this truth: that they are loved, chosen, and cherished by the God of the Universe.