Christ Presbyterian Academy
CPA MS Honors the "Greatest Generation" through cross-curricular '40s Day Program


Eighth Grade ’40s Day is a cross-curricular project and beloved tradition at CPA Middle School. CPA eighth grade students study the culture, art, literature, and events of the era in History, Art, and English classes. The Academy invites eighth grade parents and grandparents to the culminating event: an old-fashioned USO Show. 

Boys dressed in WWII military uniforms escort guests into the Civitas Gym by way of the “Mess Tent” and provided everyone with a “hash box” complete with “rations” to enjoy during the program. Preceding the USO-styled show presented by the students for their guests, grandparents and armed forces members are honored with a standing ovation. Performances and monologues from FDR, Frank Sinatra, Rita Hayworth, Danny Kaye, The Andrew's Sisters, Joe Dimaggio, General Patton, Rosemary Clooney, and more provide a rich, cultural commentary for audience members and students alike. 

The performance itself was both a testimony to the experiential learning taking place and a tribute to the sacrifice of a generation given to ensure freedom for people around the world.