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BLOG: Upper school journalism and media programs win top national and state awards

CPA upper school's journalism and media programs continue to yield high-caliber, creative, engaging bodies of work from students. Both decorated programs have become well-known for rigorous student-led productions and publications. 

Director of the journalism program Heather Nagel shares her excitement for her students: "This year has been such a rewarding year for the Lion's Roar staff. The best thing about journalism at CPA is the journey one goes on to create a product together with peers, and my goal for this program is always that students leave knowing how to meet deadlines, how to work with others, and how to create something that is on-message. I believe these are skills that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. I am proud that my students are recognized for the endless hours of hard work they have put into this product and the level of excellence they demand from themselves."

Journalism National Awards 2022 

  • National Scholastic Press Association: First Place Best of Show, Pacemaker Finalist, All-American Winner (five marks of distinction in photography, design, writing, theme, coverage)
  • Columbia Scholastic Press Association: First Place Best of Show, Gold Medal Winner (five marks of distinction for photography, design, writing, theme, coverage)
  • Quill and Scroll: First Place Staff Excellence, First Place Overall Design, First Place Overall Writing, First Place Overall Photography

Journalism State Awards 2022

  • First Place Best of Show, Tennessee High School Press Association
  • First Place, Best Theme, Lion’s Roar Staff
  • First place, Yearbook: Best Organizations/Clubs Design, Easton Dillard
  • First place, Best Student Life Copy, Katelin Flemmons
  • First place, Best Organizations/Clubs Photograph, Laura Finley Hasenbank
  • First place, Best Clubs/Organizations Copy, Lauren Kelly
  • First place, Best Sports Design, Meghan Milligan
  • First place, Best Student Life Photograph, Reesi Nesbitt
  • First place, Best Headline, Jacob Stoebner
  • First place, Best Sports Copy, Jacob Stoebner
  • First place, Best Academics Design, Katelyn White
  • First place, Best Index Design, Addie Reese Zapp
  • First place, Best Student Life Design, Addie Reese Zapp
  • Second place, Best Sports Copy, Rylee Cason
  • Second place, Best Advertisement, Baylor Dublin
  • Second place, Best Sports Photograph, Meredith Lane Finucane
  • Second place, Best Academics Photograph, Logan Reid
  • Second place, Best Organizations/Clubs Photograph, Logan Reid
  • Second place, Best Academics Copy, Caroline Roe
  • Third place, Best Academics Photograph, Chloe Amyx
  • Third place, Best Organizations/Clubs Design, Ava Maddux
  • Third place, Best Clubs/Organizations Copy, Jordan Paschall
  • Third place, Best Student Life Photograph, Logan Reid

Staff Individual Awards 2022

  • Addie Reese Zapp: First Place, Best Student Life Design, CSPA, First Place, Best Table of Contents Design, CSPA, Best Student Life Spread, Quill and Scroll
  • Caroline Avinger/Sylvie Keck/Addie Reese Zapp: First Place, Best Theme Development, Quill and Scroll
  • Ava Maddux: First Place Best Clubs and Organization Spread, Quill and Scroll
  • Baylor Dublin: First Place Best Performing Arts Spread, Quill and Scroll 
  • Kyley McClung: First Place Best People Spread, Quill and Scroll 
  • Jacob Stoebner: First Place Best Headline, Quill and Scroll 
  • Reesi Nesbitt: First Place Best Caption Writing, Quill and Scroll 
  • Caroline Roe: First Place Best Academics Writing, Quill and Scroll 

We are thrilled to announce that CPA Media Studio received 12 state honors from the Tennessee High School Press Association. The students have displayed incredible work ethic, commitment, friendly collaboration, and intentional leadership this year. 

Media Director Michael Ellson shares his enthusiasm for his staff: "The Media Studio at CPA is more than a program. It serves as an outreach for our campus and a ministry both for our community partners and the students using their passion for storytelling to communicate these meaningful stories to the world. Please join me in celebrating these Media students!"

THSPA Media Awards 2022

  • Broadcast: Best Television Reporter - Drew Clark - 3rd Place
  • Broadcast: Best Videographer - Pierce DuRard - 2nd Place
  • Broadcast: Best News Package - "Sound Check: Coffeehouse Edition" - Pierce DuRard, Emmie Pack, Mara Giovanetti, Logan Reid, Drew Clark - 3rd Place
  • Multimedia: Best Infographic/Photo-illustration - "Uprooted Poster" - Pierce DuRard, Logan Reid, Reesi Nesbitt - 1st Place
  • Multimedia: Best Infographic/Photo-illustration - "The Show Must Go On Poster" - Logan Reid, Tiger Dulaney, Madison Turner, Caroline Vaccaro - Honorable Mention
  • Multimedia: Best Audio Project - "Rolling In The Deep Podcast" - Thomas Vaccaro, Charlie Ellis, Trey Brown, London Humphries, Logan Reid, Pierce DuRard - 3rd Place
  • Multimedia: Best Audio for Video Project - "Amazing Grace" - Kenzie Edwards, Layne Thompson, Logan Reid, Pierce DuRard, Georgia Krodel - 1st Place
  • Multimedia: Best Audio for Video Project - "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" - Logan Reid, Pierce DuRard, Jackson Miller, Georgia Krodel - 2nd Place
  • Multimedia: Best Audio for Video Project - "Angels We Have Heard On High" - Maria Giovanetti, Logan Reid, Pierce DuRard, Maya McMillen, Ross Argo - 3rd Place
  • Multimedia: Best Video or Documentary - "Uprooted Docudrama" - Sydney Moore, Maria Giovanetti, Pierce DuRard, Virginia Magli, Brown Magargee, Sarah Wright, Maddy Boyd, Will Stringfield,  - 2nd Place
  • Multimedia: Best Video or Documentary - "The Heart of the Lion: Resort & Spa Episode One" - Drew Clark, Ella Bobbitt, Ella Sallee, Layne Thonpson, Logan Reid, Tyler Neilsen, Brown Magargee, Connor Dougherty, Mary Taylor Oliver - Honorable Mention
  • Multimedia: Best Sports Video - "Football Hype Video" -  Brown Magargee, Connor Dougherty - Third Place

National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) Awards 2022

  • Best News Feature Story: Nashville Zoo feature story, Christ Presbyterian Academy, Kenzie Edwards, Maria Giovanetti, Logan Reid, Pierce Durard, Maya McMillen, Georgia Kradel, Jackson Miller, Ross Argo, Layne Thompson, Christian Strom, Advisor: Michael Ellson
  • Best Music Video: Amazing Grace, Kenzie Edwards, Emmie Pack, Logan Reid, Layne Thompson, Maria Giovanetti, Pierce Durard, Advisor: Michael Ellson
  • Best Fiction: The Show Must Go On, Georgia Kradel, Jackson Miller, Logan Reid, Ross Argo, Luke Anderson, Caroline Vaccaro, Tiger Dulaney, Madison Turner, Noah Doyle, Samantha Hutts, Advisor: Michael Ellson
  • Best Public Affairs / Community Service Story: Nashville Zoo Commercial, Christian Strom, Georgia KrodeI, Jackson Miller, Kenzie Edwards, Layne Thompson, Logan Reid, Maria Giovanetti, Maya McMillen, Pierce Durard, Ross Argo, Advisor: Michael Ellson
  • Best Photographer / Videographer: Logan Reid
  • Media Showrunner Pierce DuRard and Director of Cinematography Logan Reid produced the first telos film for CPA's Institute for Cultural Engagement. Their film, Out of Sight, was recently announced as a finalist in the International Ocean Film Festival

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