Christ Presbyterian Academy

Mission & Values

Christ Presbyterian Academy, an educational ministry of Christ Presbyterian Church, assists Christian families in helping students come to know God, evaluate all knowledge and all life by His truth, and live transformed by His truth for His glory.

Christ Presbyterian Academy believes that parents have primary responsibility for educating and nurturing their children. At the same time, we recognize the triangular "partnership" of home, church, and school, working together in the inculcation of a Biblical world and life view in the lives of its students.

The Academy does not seek to supplant home and church, but rather to complement these two institutions in the fulfillment of their God-ordained roles. Applying these principles means educating the whole child. This is accomplished by providing a setting that promotes growth in the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical spheres of the child's life. CPA seeks to bring the child to God through Christ and fosters subsequent growth in that relationship. At the same time, the Academy endeavors to give each child the tools for living a productive life in contemporary society.

Transformation through Education

From a pedagogical standpoint, discovery in the English classroom, the soccer field, the Chemistry lab, the stage, the gym, is all reflective of Christ. The message of Christ (the Gospel) is delivered in the method of Christ (the pedagogy) through the manner of Christ (compassion, kindness, and humility).