Christ Presbyterian Academy


Head of School Nate Morrow

B.S., Vanderbilt University
M.Ed., Vanderbilt University


Christ Presbyterian Academy is an independent, coeducational, college-preparatory school for grades preschool through 12. The Academy provides transformational education through a Christian worldview and offers extensive programs to develop the diverse potential of each student. CPA is a ministry of Christ Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Nashville, Tennessee.

These words are facts to describe the Academy, but they are just descriptors and in no way capture the essence of our school community. As you investigate us through our website, take time to look at the life behind the words, and the humanity embedded in the pictures. Or as we would tell our English students, look beyond the pages. For this is what a CPA education is all about: shared life experiences that facilitate the transformation and maturity of the hearts and minds of young people.

At CPA, we realize that transformation and maturity are a process, and we deeply believe we, as a school, play a significant role. Our holistic approach begins with creating a life-giving atmosphere - an atmosphere of pursuant love, reciprocal trust, and authentic relationships. This atmosphere facilitates rich and challenging shared experiences that teach skills essential for the 21st century world. When led by amazing educators who love students, this process develops and refines the character of each student according to his or her own unique design. This continued cycle of transformational education is how each student can mature in understanding who God is, discover and hone his or her God-given gifts, and begin to see a part in God’s larger story of redemption. We call this offering our divine purpose

Ultimately, when they finish their journey in this place, our students will have learned how to integrate their faith and their work; they will confront issues of mercy and justice; understand the context of their life and how to live a public faith; and, by God’s grace, direction, and power, they will have a part to play in God’s larger story, as restorers. We believe restoration is how to give our world a foretaste of God’s coming Kingdom..

I invite you to visit our campus and learn more. Thank you for your interest in Christ Presbyterian Academy.

Soli Deo Gloria – To God Alone Be the Glory

Nathaniel H. Morrow
Head of School

2023-24 Board of Trustees

Kevin Howard (Chair)
Hunter Connelly (Vice Chair)
Chris Camp
Randy Hill
Angie Sanders
Olivia Bahemuka
Scott Greenwood 
Llew Ann King
Hunter Nelson
Mike Gingras
Raechel Myers
Mac Purdy
Elizabeth Webb
Robert Kown
Todd Teller
Doug Korn
Nate Morrow
Matt Moore
Marcia Sutton 
John Patton 

Executive Leadership Team

Associate Heads of School

Matt Moore

Associate Head of School, Operations

Finance, Facilities, Human Resources, Security, Food Service, Information Technology, Risk Management

John Patton

Associate Head of School, Advancement

Development, Admissions, Communications, Auxiliary Programs, External Affairs 

Educational Leadership Team

Division and Program Heads

Lauren Overbeek

Head of Preschool

Chris Harris

Head of Lower School

Dr. Nate Miley

Head of Middle School

Dr. Brandon Barkley

Head of Upper School 

Jake Speck

Arts Director 



Ingle Martin

Athletic Director



Reverend Dr. David Filson, Ph.D

Pastor of Theology and Discipleship