"My times are in your hands;" (Psalm 31:15a)

This is an exciting time for Christ Presbyterian Academy as we launch our collective vision for the next five years. In an era when change is occurring at the most rapid rate in human history, Academy leadership prayerfully decided to embark on an intentional and purposeful journey-peering into the future and asking, "Who is CPA?" and "What is God calling us to be?"

This five-year plan outlines our hope for the future. Check out the major areas of growth below or download and read the full plan.

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  • Deepening our Roots

    First, the critical importance of deepening our roots. CPA is God’s ministry. Each of us has been brought here as a steward of what is His. For us to produce the fruit He desires, we must have a foundation that is strong and remains true when the winds that inevitably will blow come to buffet and attempt to break us.  
  • Mature our Mission

    We must also mature our mission. The mission of CPA is our cornerstone, and as we move forward with commitment to the highest quality education, the hope of transforming lives to the glory of God must be fully integrated into every program, person, and process. 
  • Growing our "Us"

    A school founded on the gospel must model the accessibility of the gospel by expanding our "us", to both enrich the educational programming and assist families pursuing Christian education. From the beginning, our educational goals have been to send students out from this campus to bring life and light to the ends of the earth, as sons and daughters of Christ.  
  • Offer our Value

    Our organization should reflect the same ideals and offer our value to the city and region where God has placed us. Nashville should be a better, more life-giving city because of CPA’s contributions. 
  • Maximize our Impact

    Finally, and with humility, we recognize that we are all here at 2323 for a season, and twenty, fifty, or one hundred years from now, there will be other generations of faculty and families bringing life to and from our campus. As stewards of the blessings and resources of this property, we are called to maximize our impact by developing the campus, aligning financial strategies, and prioritizing financial sustainability for our future generations of CPA Lions. 
  • For our Future

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