Quick Reference Contacts

CPA Main telephone number: 6153739550

Upper School: Sallie Wallace, Administrative Assistant: 6153013551

Middle School: Deaver Corzine, Administrative Assistant: 6153013521

Lower School: Susie Funk, Administrative Assistant: 6153013655

Preschool: Lauren Overbeek, Head of Preschool: 6153013558

School Nurse: Sarah Poston, B.S.N: 6153013517

Calling in Absences

If your child is ill and will be absent, please contact the appropriate school representative, designated below:

Head of Preschool: Lauren Overbeek 6153013558
Lower School Assistant: Susie Funk 6153013655
Middle School Assistant: Deaver Corzine 6153013521
Upper School Assistant: Sallie Wallace 6153013551

Our Campus

Christ Presbyterian Academy
2323-A Old Hickory Boulevard
Nashville, TN 37215

Main Phone 615-373-9550
Fax Number 615-370-0884

Directions to CPA

Located in Davidson County, one mile west of Hillsboro Rd, across from Percy Warner Park, at the Chickering Road traffic light.
For general comments, questions, or feedback, please contact us at cpacommunications@cpalions.org.

Christ Presbyterian Academy

2323-A Old Hickory Blvd. / Nashville, TN 37215 / 615-373-9550