Christ Presbyterian Academy

Welcome to CPA

Christ Presbyterian Academy is an independent, coeducational, college-preparatory Christian school for grades preschool through 12. The Academy provides transformational education through a Christian worldview and offers extensive programs to develop the diverse potential of each student. CPA is a ministry of Christ Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Nashville, TN.

CPA was established in 1985 as a ministry of Christ Presbyterian Church (CPC) for the education of the covenant children of the church and those of other believers who desired an excellent education with a Christian worldview.

Four Schools, One Campus

Transformation through Education

Spiritual Life

At CPA, we believe that a strong foundation in faith is essential for students to thrive intellectually, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. The Academy integrates spiritual life into all aspects of our curricula and programming, creating a safe, relationship-based environment where students can explore their faith, deepen their understanding, and develop a lifelong relationship with God.

  • scripture alone
  • by grace alone
  • through faith alone
  • in Christ alone
  • to God alone be the glory

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The focus of athletics at CPA is to develop boys and girls into young men and women of faith through the integrity of the training process, the shared experience of whole-hearted competition, and an others-focused leadership mentality. 

The Lion is the school mascot. The Lion represents Christ, the Lion of Judah, who is the centerpiece of all life and love. 

  • 79 middle and upper school teams offered
  • 263 college athlete matriculants 
  • 78% of upper school students participate in athletics 

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The arts at CPA seeks to equip and empower students to engage and influence culture through authentic creativity, artistic excellence, and relationship with Christ

CPA's Soli Deo Center houses one of Nashville's finest 550-seat theaters outfitted with state-of-the-art tech and lighting, a black-box theater, scene shop, green room, and event lobby. 

  • 15 arts performances per year
  • 20 full-time instructors of the arts
  • 6 specialized programs (vocal, band, dance, visual art, media art, theater)

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