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Christ Presbyterian Academy is an independent, coeducational, college-preparatory Christian school for grades preschool through 12. The Academy provides transformational education through a Christian worldview and offers extensive programs to develop the diverse potential of each student. CPA is a ministry of Christ Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Nashville, TN.

CPA was established in 1985 as a ministry of Christ Presbyterian Church (CPC) for the education of the covenant children of the church and those of other believers who desired an excellent education with a Christian worldview.

Four Schools, One Campus


2 years old - PreK

The preschool years are filled with so many firsts. At CPA Preschool, we immerse children in an environment that is purposeful and productive, encouraging them to take important steps that will build a strong foundation. Preschool students are taught through theme-based units of learning that come to life in our classrooms each day! Instructors teach the whole child through hands-on learning experiences and adventures. Our goal is to encourage and nurture them as they develop their relationship with God and each other - and, in turn, begin to explore and build confidence in their God-given gifts. 

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Lower School

Grades K-5

The lower school maintains a strong core program of the Bible, language arts, reading, math, science, and social studies courses. Creating a collaborative, responsive, and supportive classroom setting is at the core of instruction. The student experience is enriched by participation in STEAM Lab, art, music, and Spanish classes once a week. In addition, all lower school students have P.E. daily. Students in fifth grade participate weekly in exploratory band class with concert performances. Christian worldview standards of instruction are woven throughout all subject and grade levels, allowing students to see their world through the framework of God's creativity. 

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Middle School

Grades 6-8

The Academy's middle school program is devoted to academic excellence and guiding students in a Christian worldview. Small class sizes, weekly advisory meetings, and opportunities to learn and serve outside the classroom all contribute to the emotional growth and academic development that takes place in the middle school years. The team-teaching approach provides an environment that will prepare students for college and beyond. Students develop not only the academic skills they will need in the future but also the perseverance, courage, faith, and truth they will use to continually seek understanding and wisdom. 

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Upper School

Grades 9-12

At the upper school level, the individual student remains the focus of the learning environment, as teachers work to provide a supportive educational process that encourages students to take ever-increasing risks and responsibility for their choices, effort, and achievement. Instructors invest themselves in mentoring relationships with students so each student is known, appreciated, and personally encouraged to excel. Coursework and learning experiences are designed to communicate the relevance of Scripture while encouraging students to live lives of authentic faith. 

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