Lunch Menus

The lunch menus will follow a three-week rotation.

Hot lunch orders will be taken each morning during your student's homeroom class.

A Week - begins Thursday, August 14

B Week - begins Monday, August 18

C Week - begins Monday, August 25

Click on these links to download each menu:

PreK-6 Grade Lunch Menu

7-12 Grade Lunch Menu

Online Payment System for CPA Lunch Accounts Now Available!

We are pleased and excited to offer our families the option to add funds to your child's lunch account online! The new online program does not replace other methods of payment but is an added and long-awaited convenience.
This new benefit through PayPAMS (Parent Account Management System), offers families the following options:

Add funds to accounts

View account balance

Schedule automatic payments based on an indicated account balance

Receive low-balance email reminders

View daily spending reports and purchases...and more!

There is no cost to register, browse the website and check account balances. However, a service fee of $1.95 will be charged per online transaction. The service fee covers the cost of maintaining the website.

To register and for additional information, please visit the website If you choose not to use the online payment system, you will continue to receive low-balance reminders and may fund lunch accounts by cash or check.

If you have any questions, please contact Lila Dobbins, CPA Food Services Director at