Believe Capital Campaign

Believe Capital Campaign:
The Opportunity Continues

Believe Capital Campaign Fall 2013 from Christ Presbyterian Academy on Vimeo.

This is it. 

GOAL: Raise $3.1M by 12/31/13 
to complete the $13M campaign

Ways You Can Help:

1) Make a first-time gift.
If you have not made a gift to the Believe Capital Campaign, now is the time to do so. Please consider making a sacrificial gift. Click here to make a gift online.

2) Extend or increase your pledge by one year.
If you have fulfilled your Believe Capital Campaign pledge, consider extending or increasing your pledge by one year. Click here to view and print a pledge form.

3) Make another one-time gift.
If you have already made a one-time gift to the Believe Capital Campaign, consider making another one-time gift. Click here to make a gift online.

Why Give?

“Our family has experienced the blessing of having all of our children attend the Academy. When the Believe Capital Campaign was announced, we knew that construction of the new building would not be completed until after our children had graduated. Even still, we chose to give to the campaign. We believed God was calling us to give so that other families would also benefit from the gift of this Christ-centered education and community. It has been a privilege and a joy to serve others in this way!” - CPA Alumni Family

What has resulted from the Believe Capital Campaign?

God has grown our campus, and we are expanding our outreach and influence for His kingdom through His provision. We are continuing to provide an excellent educational experience for our current students -- and can now open our doors to students we have not been able to accommodate because of space limitations.  

The campaign encompasses many improvements here on our campus. The new high school building is the most visible change with 85,000 square feet of educational space. The campaign also provided for the full refurbishment of the current academic buildings, as well as renovations of  Fellowship Hall, the Sanctuary, and the Chapel. A new playground has been established and the former elementary playground has been replaced with a new, innovative playscape. In addition, there are new parking areas with improved lighting and the entrance and directional signage has been updated.

In case you missed the last Believe Capital Campaign video from Board of Trustees Chairman Bruce Williams, press play below.

Believe Capital Campaign: The Opportunity Continues 2013 from Christ Presbyterian Academy on Vimeo.