CPA Fine Arts

Purpose Statement:

“Equipping students to be salt and light in today’s culture through the arts.”

A message from the Artistic Director

staff - Paula FlauttWe as human beings are a creative people made in the image of a creative God. Therefore, the academy asserts that participation in and study of the arts is an important part of a balanced life.

Further, the Academy believes that God has gifted each individual with talents and abilities for the equipping of the saints in order to accomplish His purposes in the world in which we find ourselves.

For those students specifically gifted, we seek to provide the means to develop those gifts. For others, we seek to provide opportunities by which they may grow in understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of the arts. For both groups, it is a necessary part of a sound education and a rich field in which to grow in servanthood and leadership.

Furthermore, we acknowledge that pursuing the arts and participating in the creative process reveals more of the character of God (whose first recorded act was to create) through such concepts as color, light, form, rhythm, harmony, order, and expression.

Realizing that every good gift comes from above, and that not only in the realm of the arts, but in any business or service endeavor, or ministry in the church, the creative mind and impulse is a significant and needed component. Thus, this department asserts that through experience with the arts, the students’ quality of life is enhanced, as they are encouraged to discover their relationship to the arts. In addition, the department’s goal is to educate students that they might be literate in the arts for their own personal growth in years to come—as both creators and perceivers—and that they might be salt and light in the world.

Artistic Director