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2014-15 CPA Course Offerings
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At the high-school level, the Academy aims to maintain a careful balance between teaching skills and information and encouraging students to pursue areas of personal interest and affinity. Purposeful thinking skills and originality are encouraged across all curriculum areas.

With 110+ semester and yearlong high-school course offerings, CPA seeks to provide every student with sufficient opportunities for challenge and the pursuit of areas of interest. There are 15 Advanced Placement courses, providing opportunities to complete college-level work for college-level credit.


The individual student remains the focus of the learning environment, as teachers work to provide a supportive educational process that encourages students to take ever-increasing risk and responsibility for their choices, effort, and achievement. High school instructors integrate sound teaching techniques with cutting-edge practices and technology to create rigorous and relevant academic courses. In addition, teachers invest themselves in mentoring relationships with students so that each student is known, appreciated, and personally encouraged to excel.

HS-website-Christmas-all-school-chapelOpportunities for students to take leadership roles abound. With an array of extracurricular teams, clubs, and events, students learn to lead and to work in alliance with other learners. It is the belief of every high school faculty member that God reveals Himself in His world and in His Word. CPA High School students are taught to know the truth of God, to apply that truth to all of life, and to evaluate all of life by that truth. Coursework and learning experiences are designed to communicate the relevance of Scripture while encouraging students to live lives of authentic faith.

The CPA Administration and Student Government Association has recently introduced the concept of "houses" into the high school. The “house” concept is a largely British model of grouping students across grades 9-12 in an effort to build community, improve school spirit, facilitate mentoring by upperclassmen, and establish meaningful traditions. At CPA, it is part of a systematic approach to positively reinforcing the characteristics we want to see cultivated in our students. To learn more about CPA High School's Four Houses, click HERE. To view the 2013-14 House election results, click HERE.

High School Bell Schedule

Note: Students who are absent may make up work by attending ASAP sessions. Please refer to pages 56-57 in the CPA Family Handbook for more information.
High School ASAP Hours:
Monday - Friday -  6:35 to 7:25 a.m.
Monday - Thursday - 2:55 to 3:45 p.m.
Friday - 2:20 to 3:10 p.m.















Music Appreciation and Band travel downtown to the Nashville Symphony









Students gather canned goods to support a local food drive
















Students from the MacKinnon and Sutherland houses compete in a flag football game













Students (along with featured faculty members) enrolled in Broadcasting present CPA High School News through a filmed news report