Alma Mater: "Soli Deo Gloria"

The Latin phrase Soli Deo Gloria is translated, "To God Alone Be the Glory." This motto permeates all aspects of who we are and what we seek to accomplish in His name at Christ Presbyterian Academy. CPA dad and recording artist Steven Curtis Chapman wrote the following song in 2010. We are deeply grateful for his Spirit-led endeavor through which the Lord has provided us with a timeless anthem articulating our deepest desire: that God would indeed receive all of the glory and honor due His mighty and matchless name.

Live Acoustic Version — CPA High School Dedication, August 14, 2011 


"Soli Deo Gloria"

(c) Words and Music by Steven Curtis Chapman

Soli Deo Gloria
This will be our song
All the praise and glory
To our God and God alone belongs

Soli Deo Gloria 
Let this be our prayer
Spread through us the fragrance
Of the knowledge of His truth everywhere

Through our victories
Through all our pain
We've been forged in
His holy flame

And we will stand as His grand display
To God alone be the glory

Soli Deo Gloria!